3 Rewarding Reasons to Go Green and Switch to Solar Energy

Two out of three Americans are worried about global warming. Three in 10 are very worried.

Where do you belong?

If you’re anything like the average American, there’s no doubt you have some level of concern about the environment. You’re also thinking of what you can do to help lower your carbon footprint.

But then, is it even necessary to go green? Are there any real benefits you stand to gain? If you’re having these doubts, you’re not alone. While many Americans know that global warming is a real threat, they also believe their individual efforts won’t have any meaningful impact.

Or is it?

Read on for a couple of rewarding reasons to embrace going green.

go green
Sustainable living – 3d illustration with ecology icons on brown wooden background.

1. Help Save the Environment

Let’s face it. There isn’t one single individual whose sustainable living efforts are going to reverse the course of climate change. It’s going to take a collective effort.

So, while you might not be unsure whether your solo efforts will count, it pays to look at the bigger picture. It’s the collective effort of people like you in different corners of the world that will count.

Don’t look at the sustainable living efforts you’re taking as a vanity experiment. You might be one of the few people in your neighborhood who’re thinking of going solar, but in the next couple of years, solar power is going to be the go-to source of residential and commercial power.

And, we aren’t saving the environment for ourselves. We’re saving it for future generations. Think about your kids and grandchildren. You want them to live in a clean environment where climate change isn’t a threat, right? The steps you take today count.

2. Save Money on Energy Bills

Are your energy bills getting hotter every month?

If yes, you’re certainly still hooked up to electricity supplied by fossil fuel companies. After all, 80 percent of electricity in the U.S. is produced by these companies.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your energy bills, don’t bother with trying to cut back on your household’s electricity consumption. That’s only a short-term measure.

Going solar is the best move you can make. You see, installing solar panels in your home can bring down your energy bills down to zero. Granted, the initial installation cost can be high, but you’ll not have to worry about any monthly energy bills.

Plus, the federal and state, and local governments are offering a raft of incentives that can reduce your initial cost by as much as 50 percent. If you live in South Carolina, check out Blue Raven Solar for your home solar needs.

3. Your Home Gains Value

An environmentally sustainable home is a valuable home.

This might not be apparent if you have already installed solar, but wait until you need to sell it or have it appraised for a home equity line of credit then you’ll see the results.

Solar can boost a home’s value by up to 4.1 percent compared to similar homes in the area.

Go Green and You’ll Soon Be Red with Excitement

It’s understandable that you might be hesitant to go green. Perhaps you’re waiting for more people to embrace solar energy and you just aren’t sure whether it’s worth it. But as we’ve fleshed out, there are tangible benefits you stand to reap.

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