10 Benefits of Learning Mandarin Chinese

Did you know that China has a huge population of 1.28 Billion and that is a fifth of people around the globe who speaks Chinese? And among them, there are at least 917 Million who speak Mandarin Chinese.

China has the largest population in the world and it is sensible that you should start learning their language, especially if you’re into business. You never know when you might need to expand Mandarin-speaking nations.

Learning Mandarin Chinese

But is it hard to learn? Why pick it up?

We’re here to help by discussing 10 incredible benefits of learning Mandarin Chinese. Read on below to discover more:
Is Mandarin Hard or Easy to Learn?

For many reasons, Mandarin Chinese now has a reputation for its learning difficulty. The reason being the nature of their writing system.

However, the Chinese language has no tenses, no cases, no gender, and has simple grammar. Tones may also seem difficult, but you already know how to say most of them.

It will be more difficult for you to learn if you’re not fully devoted to learning the language. But, learning Mandarin is an investment, whether you’re finding a new academic pursuit, new career skill, or a new perspective of life.

What are some of these benefits that come from learning Mandarin Chinese? Here’s a quick list:

1. Learn More About China

While learning Mandarin Chinese, you’ll open a new, unique window into one of the world’s richest and ancient cultures and history. China has incredible temples, artifacts, and artists. They are also renowned for their novels, poetry, music, and films.

As you become more proficient in their language, you will be able to appreciate and understand their cultural values, religious and philosophical beliefs, and aesthetic traditions.

It also helps you know how to act and learn what they find acceptable and what’s not acceptable. Why not start with the words that show a simple sign of respect by saying thank you in Chinese?

2. It’s Good for Business

China’s economy is the world’s second-biggest and it is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world. It opened itself up to the world, allowing foreign investments and economic cooperation. Business people have a huge advantage in tapping into the Chinese market if you can speak Mandarin.

Mandarin will allow you to speak comfortably to your Chinese business counterparts. It helps you foster better bilateral business ties.

3. Easily Communicate With a Million People

China has a huge non-English speaking populace. You will find even more around the world that are not necessarily Chinese. Places like Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia all have people who speak Mandarin.

With the ability to speak Mandarin, you’ll have a better time negotiating with business partners, new friends, or even romantic prospects.

4. It Sets You Apart in the Job Market

After English, Mandarin Chinese is one of the most important languages. With the challenge of learning Mandarin, you can impress employers with your unique lingual skill. This is sure to become more valuable as China’s business influence continues to expand.

Graduates with proficiency in Mandarin are well-positioned and have higher chances to get high-paying jobs. Jobs in business, diplomacy, law, philosophy, political science, finance, tourism, translation, and teaching.

5. Travel With Ease

As mentioned, there are plenty of other countries that use Chinese as one of their native languages like Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

If you visit any of these countries, you’ll find it easier to read signs, follow instructions when using their transportation or reading menus in restaurants. This makes it easier to find destinations and avoid miscommunication with the locals.

6. Locals Love to Hear You Speak Their Language

Learning Mandarin is the ultimate way to show that you care about the locals and their culture.

You’re more likely to have the locals support you when you need it, even when people still notice your accent. When people see the effort converse with them in their dialect, they are more than happy to help you if you’re lost, can’t read something, or when ordering food. You’re adjusting to them, not the other way around.

7. Opportunity to Gain Access in Exclusive Chinese Sites

There are many sites that the world shares in a common online space, but it is not the case for China. Due to government restrictions and language barriers, some of their internet sites are inaccessible to outsiders.

An example of this is their Chinese video-sharing sites such as Youku and Tudou, which showcase functions similar to YouTube. To be able to explore sites like these, you’ll need higher fluency in Mandarin.

8. Stimulate Your Brain

With how different Mandarin Chinese characters and accents are from your mother tongue, learning Mandarin takes more brainpower. However, it can be a great exercise for your brain. Learning to write the characters can also help with your motor skills and visual recognition that help keep your mind sharp.

9. There Are Plenty of Ways to Learn

In the past, learning Mandarin was a difficult process because of the involvement of dictionaries, character lists, and poorly recorded audiotapes.

Nowadays, there are easier ways to learn the language at home. You can learn by watching videos, getting an online teacher, learning through Chinese apps, Chinese learning games, or Chinese learning websites.

10. You Now Know More Than One Language

The act of learning a new language benefits your brain.

You’ll improve it with memory, enhancing your creativity, and strengthening your ability to solve problems. It also makes you more marketable because of the huge rise of employers needing bilingual or multilingual people.
Learning Mandarin Chinese Can Broaden Your Horizons

Do you want to say “no” to such incredible opportunities?

These are benefits that are just the tip of the iceberg when learning a new language. Learning Mandarin isn’t impossible, it may give you a hard time but remember some of the benefits that learning Mandarin Chinese can give you in the future.

Don’t hesitate and start learning Mandarin today!

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