Google Stock Calculator app available at Play Store for your assistance

Google Stock Calculator app

Are you a stock exchange type of person? Then a reliable calculator to do the math will surely be your need. It was old times when you were unable to take calculator everywhere, but now with the advent of technology and smart wears, you can have access to thousands of apps. Google calculator proves to be the best assistance for the people. Instead of browsing through lots of options, Google scientific calculator will surely nail down all other options.

Calculator Google is perfect to cater the needs of every person. Android Power Hub has reviewed the app and found that it is a well-designed app able to calculate in real time. Get to know more about the exceptional Google Calculator app.

Google Stock Calculator app

The Google Stock Calculator app is entirely different from the simple calculator. An Android app is available for the android wear devices or non-nexus devices. It is one of the great move made by google to introduce Stock Google-Calculator for the Android users on play store. The Google Calculator app is a simple app that is designed exceptionally and elegantly according to the material design. With the Google calculator app, you can also perform basic trigonometric functions. However, it will not replace the scientific calculator but somehow cater the basic needs.

Version 6.0

Google Calculator App

Click here to download Google calculator latest version. The most recent version of Google calculator has improved the ability to run on Android devices seamlessly. It is indeed a blessing if you have a handy calculator on the wrist all time.

Google maps area calculator

With the Google Maps area calculator, you can quickly draw an area to find out the measurement. The user can easily save the enclosed areas. The tool is technical to use but provides immediate assistance to the people who need to find out areas measurement immediately.

User has to click multiple times on the Google map to define a space for analysis. Then the calculated area will be seen below the map. The various options let you adjust the map size by clicking Medium, Larger, full or even small. Therefore, if you want to add multiple areas in your project then do use the tool.

Distance calculator google maps

Distance Google calculator lets you find out the appropriate distance between two or more defined points. The points can be identified anywhere on earth. The user has to click once on map to place first marker and then to mark the second point. However, you can also build various locations to find appropriate total distance. The tool offers an important feature which lets you measure off road distances as well.

Okay google calculator

If your phone has installed Okay Messenger, Okay google calculator assists you well for basic calculation. All you need is to type okay Google calculator; basic calculator will appear for your help. You can perform a variety of basic math calculation with okay google calculator. If you do not have the app installed on your phone, then typing OKAY GOOGLE CALCULATOR in the search tab will also show a calculator. You can perform quick calculations on it.


Google has offered a variety of calculators fulfilling the user demands and catering their needs. Stay tuned to Android Power Hub for more google calculator types.