Top 5 Trustworthy Android Spy Apps 2023 Updated

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Are you thinking to spy on some and don’t know how? In past people hired detectives to spy on some. But as getting developed many spy app software have been created. These android spy apps that will be help you in this task. By the help of these hidden spy apps for android you can easily have access to others phone or devices. Below listed are some best spy apps that will help you.

best spy apps for android


When spying the first question that pops in our mind is that “how will I access their phone”? or the other question is “what will others think if I check their phone”? these questions are normal as the person who is doing suspicious work always hides there devices. To help you in this case some best spy apps have been made and cell phone spy software is one of them.  All you need is the password or apple ID and then you can even listen to the dialed or incoming calls. As being the best android spy app, it has many other features. You can read their texts, social media chats, get access to their private information etc.

2 – SPYERA – Best Android Spy Apps

It is an invisible spy app as it is undetectable. Along recording the calls, it enables you to attend live calls. This app displays the targets current location and aware you about nearby voices. This top spy app tells you about every SMS, reminder, notes, wallpapers, pictures, and other notification even if the person hides from you.

3 – SPYIC 

Spyic is the best spy app for android as it allows you to target all the minor and major happenings. You will have access to all the messages even the deleted ones. You can read conversations on WhatsApp, Viber, and any other platform. Along seeing the location, you will be notified when the target gets into a prohibited area. You will have access to the videos or photos they watch. It is the top spy app for android.

4 – APPMIA – Spy Apps Android

Appmia is one of the best hidden spy apps for android. It has many amazing features such as you can listen to the recorded calls and know the duration of the calls. You will have access to their contacts and also know their names. Another amazing feature is that you can block anyone you dislike on your targets phone. This spy app for android will give access to their chats from any platform example WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype and many others. You can view their location, gallery and other personal information. More feature this apps Like phone spy app , android spy private area Etc


With the help of thus top spy app with will get all the information about contacts call duration and their names. You will get notified about the chats from WhatsApp, Kik, Viber and other. This app works perfect as the other spy apps for android. Targets gallery, chats, calls, and history will be given so that you can see their interests. It is the best phone spy app for android.


Thus, these are some best spy apps for android. Use these spyapps to get relieved from the stress you have from worrying about your loved ones. We have selected the top spy apps for android only for you.