How To Turn Any Android Smartphone Into A Powerful PC

Any android smartphone has the power to become a PC, all you need are some apps and some add-ons. Read this quick guide to find out what you need to make an old phone, or a new one, your next full-size desktop PC.

Adapt To Overcome

The biggest challenge awaiting you when you are turning a smartphone into a PC is getting your phone’s screen onto a big screen. To do this you are going to need an on-the-go adapter. These can help turn your phone charging port into just about any kind of connection you need.

Get one that will allow you to connect an HDMI cable to your phone and broadcast the phone screen onto a big screen. You should also consider paying a bit more for an adapter that gives you a few more options. If your phone uses USB-C, you should be able to find one that lets you connect an HDMI and other USB devices simultaneously, which could come in handy.

Any Android Smartphone Into A Powerful PC

Get A Full-Size Monitor

You will not have to make many investments to turn your old smartphone into a fully functioning PC, but buying a full-size monitor is one of them. This is an important component of any proper computer. Its capabilities and picture quality will define your user experience, so it is worth getting something good to make the most of your smartphone PC.

Lenovo Computer Monitors can take your humble smartphone to a new level, and give your new PC the look and feel of a real, full-size desktop computer. Their sleek design and minimalist look are perfect for any home office or bedroom set up too, and you can keep your smartphone behind the screen to cut down on even more clutter.

Use Bluetooth For Your Mouse And Keyboard

Connections can be a problem when using a smartphone as a PC. There are not many available ports available. Using Bluetooth helps you get around this problem, using wireless connectivity to control your new PC. The best solution is a combined keyboard and touchpad, as these give you a similar experience to using a laptop and cut down on connections by just using one device.

There are mini keyboard and touchpad combos that are popular with people who travel a lot, but you should be able to find a full-sized option if you look around. Make sure it is rechargeable with its own internal battery. This will make it easier to use long-term.

There Is An App For Everything

Your phone’s operating system may be great for scrolling through social media and playing games on the go, but for a desktop PC, you may need something more suitable that still utilizes the Android ecosystem. There are plenty of third-party operating systems to choose from, and you can try them out without having to pay. It is also possible to tweak the Android OS so that it works better as a desktop operating system and relies less on touchscreen inputs.

All it takes is a few downloads to get going, and you can have a fully functioning Android PC filled with free apps. Do not waste money on an expensive laptop or desktop personal computer, make your phone your next PC.