Top 5 Best Flash Alert Notification Apps For Android 2023

Get 5 Best flash alert app for android

Do you want to get flash alert every time you receive a call or any notification? There is no rocket science in it, all you need to download 5 best flash alert app for Android to get customized flash alerts on a smartphone. With the fast-paced life, it is best to cope with it and receiving notifications to get instant attention by using flash alerts is optimal and easy. Every time an individual receives an SMS, call or other notification, a flash alert will blink so you won’t miss any important notification especially when your phone is on silent mode.

Best Android flashlight app comes handy on common occasions such as when you are attending a class, meetings or other professions. Best flash notification app for Android instantly attracts the attention towards any notification without any noise. We have gathered the 5 best flash alert app for Android so that Android users can avail great features which surely be useful.

1 – Flash Alerts on call and Alerts notifications

Download Flash Alerts on Call & Alerts

Flash Alerts on Call and notifications is best Android flashlight app of 2023 that lets you receive quick flash alerts when a text message or call is received. A user can change the settings and set the flash alerts for particular contacts. The amazing app works efficiently even if the battery is lower than 20%. The timer can also be set to get flash alerts at a particular time or even the blinking frequency of light can be customized. The controls can be changed from the app to normal, silent or vibration mode.

Link to download Flash Alerts best Android flashlight app is mentioned here.

Flash Alerts on Call & Alerts on App Notifications

2 – Color Flash Light Alert Calls and SMS colors

Download Flash Light Alert Calls & SMS

The wonderful app also provides flash alerts on incoming SMS, incoming call, on texts or on notifications without any disturbance. The app offers a great feature which makes it battery friendly and offers fast blinking for alerts. Color flash is a user-friendly app and offers great features for notifications. The blink frequency can be customized according to the user need. However, the color of a flashlight can also be changed.

Click here to download color Flash Light to get alerts.

Flash Light Alert Calls & SMS colors 2019

3 – Best Flash Alerts 2

Best App Flash Alerts 2

Flash Alerts 2 is one of the amazing alert apps that blink as an individual receives SMS or phone call. It is perfect for disable users because it surely enhances the convenience. The flashlight blinks whenever any user receives any sort of notification. Thus, a blinking frequency can be regulated from app settings. Even the blinking can be set ON or OFF with customization options. It is surely a great app to use.

Best flash notification app for Android downloading link is here.

Download Flash Alerts 2 app

4 – Best Flash Alerts LED App

Best Flash Alerts LED - Call, SMS

Best android flashlight app enables the user to set blinking flash for notifications. The flashlight can be customized for messages and calls or for specific contacts. A bright LED light also assists an individual to find a phone when lost in dark. Variations in blinking help the user to know who is texting, or calling. The continuous flash or blinks per alert can also be customized according to need.

Download the best flash notification app for Android for free.

Download Flash Alerts LED - Call, SMS App

5 – Best Flash Alerts on Call and SMS App

Best Flash Alerts app on Call and SMS

Now receive flash alerts in ringing form with several blinks. App blinks the flashlight when an individual receive SMS and call. The ringing light feature activates when a call, SMS or any notification is received. Controls of the phone can be managed from app and changed to silent, normal and vibration mode. Speed of flash alert can be customized and flash alert can be stop instantly by using the power of volume key. Stay easy to have this app.

Best flash notification app for android is available here.


Are you habitual to keep your phone on silent mode due to which you often miss important calls? It is great to use the best Android flashlight app. The best flash notification app for Android will create a visual ringer to notify the user instantly by grabbing the attention. So have fun in customizing the alerts.