There are 5 best battery saver apps for Android, as well as alternative options.

battery saver apps

Do you want to extend the life of your Android device’s battery? Here is our selection of the greatest Android battery saver apps!

Snake oil and half-solutions abound in the world of battery saving. Because most energy saver measures are manual, such as dialing down the brightness on your screen, setting down the frequency that apps sync data, and other tried and tested methods, it’s tough to discover an app that actually saves you battery. When you know what causes, battery drain and how to identify and prevent your largest culprits, you’ll see a significant improvement in most circumstances. Still, if you want to try some apps to see if they can assist, here are the best Android energy saver apps!

  1. Battery Guru
  2. Greenify
  3. GSam Battery Monitor
  4. Naptime
  5. Wakelock Detector
  6. Doze Mode and App Standby

Battery Guru

Battery Guru is a fantastic battery conserving app. It does not work in the same way as booster apps or service terminators do. Instead, it aids you in maintaining the best possible battery health. The app includes notifications for battery temperature and charging limits, ensuring that your battery lasts as long as possible. There are also several battery-saving modes that can help you charge less frequently by reducing battery depletion. It contains a customization option for Doze Mode, so you may make it even more harsh if necessary. However, that last function either root access such as the use of ADB instructions to provide the app permission to do so. It’s ideal for advanced users.

Greenify (root or non-root)

One of the most popular battery-saving apps is Greenify. It detects apps that cause your phone to wake up more frequently. It may also help them refrain from doing so frequently. With Aggressive Doze and Doze modes, the app also contains updated capabilities for Android Nougat and beyond. Both root and non-root devices will benefit from this app. Root, on the other hand, gives you additional functionality and power. All of the features are available for free. If you want to help development, there is a $2.99 donation version available.

GSam Battery Monitor

Another famous energy saver app is GSam Battery Monitor. It will not save you any battery life on its own. It can, however, give you information about which apps are consuming your power. You can use this information to extend the life of your own battery. It can display information like wake locks, wake time, as well as CPU and sensor data. It had several issues with the most recent Android versions. You may give GSam access to more granular app usage stats and other settings by using an ADB command. If you have a rooted phone, there is also a root option, however for most people, root or not, the ADB option should suffice.

Naptime – Battery Saver Apps

Francisco Franco, the creator of Servility, which was previously on this list, has created Naptime, a battery-saving app. Naptime helps save battery life by making Android’s native Doze Mode more aggressive, as well as blocking sync and other similar features while the phone is in Doze Mode. It has a more casual feel to it, and it employs techniques that have been demonstrated to extend battery life. It’s primarily used for rooting devices. The creator does, however, provide a short instruction on how to make it function on non-rooted Android smartphones. It’s clearly a power user app, but it’s not difficult to implement.

Wakelock Detector

One of the best power saver apps is Wake lock Detector. This programmer, as the name suggests, assists in the detection of wakelocks. It is capable of detecting both partial and complete wakelocks. You can also get a list of all the apps that are the source of the problem. You can then delete the programmer, find replacements, or use a different software like Greenify or Servility to put an end to the madness. This is the one we would recommend to root users first.

Doze Mode and App Standby

The core features of Android significantly outnumber those available in apps. Doze Mode puts your entire device into a state of hibernation. The OS only allows apps to sync once in a while and in batches. As a result, it saves a significant amount of battery life. App Standby saves you money by limiting the amount of data used by apps you don’t use very often. These are activated by default in recent Android versions, and you have no control over them. However, if you don’t use any apps and leave your phone alone for a bit, the modes will activate and drastically minimize battery usage.

Other battery saving methods

When it comes to things like accessibility, developer tools, and the like, Google is quietly closing the doors on Android. As a result, the best battery-saving apps are exclusively available to root users. Thankfully, no matter what device you use, there are a few simple tips that can help you get more battery life out of it. Here are a few quick and easy tips that genuinely work:

Remove apps you don’t use so they don’t run in the background and drain your power. This also expands your storage capacity.

Reduce the brightness of your screen – This is sometimes unavoidable in some settings, such as direct sunlight. However, the lower the brightness of your screen, the less energy it consumes. The most common source of battery drain is your screen. This is also the only way to save battery life on LCD screens.

Use black themes, wallpapers, etc on OLED screens — Samsung, Google (with the Pixel 2 XL and Pixel 3 XL), LG (with the V40 and G8), and others all employ OLED, POLED, or AMOLED displays. Individual pixels on OLED screens are turned off to make the screen seem black. As a result, blacked-out themes, wallpapers, and other aspects allow areas of the screen to be turned off at all times. Following that, it’s just math. The fewer pixels on your phone’s display, the less energy it consumes. It doesn’t save a lot of battery, but it does make a difference.

Every power control panel  has ever made is reliable, protective and brilliantly simplistic. Switching at the circuit level is our legacy. Our future is everywhere there is amplified sound, performance lighting and distributed video to control.

Don’t play games – The ability of mobile games to drain your battery is well-known. Those who need to extend their battery life should wait until they are near a charger or at home to play games.

Use WiFi whenever possible – Cellular connectivity depletes battery life more quickly than WIFI. It’s best if you don’t use a cellular network as much as possible. This also saves data, which is beneficial for individuals on low data plans.

Turn off connections you’re not using –We’re talking about Bluetooth, your WIFI radio, and other similar devices. Even when not in use, they deplete the battery. If you’re running low on battery, you can use Airplane Mode to turn everything off.

Follow the above advice, carry a power bank, and save yourself time and hassle and don’t bother with the battery-saver apps.