Itching for a new PlayStation VR game? These are the new releases for June

Top 10 new PlayStation VR game

Itching for a new PlayStation VR game?

PlayStation VR offers an amazing selection of games for its users. It lets you avail unlimited adventures happily. However, the list of PlayStation VR game is increasing day by day and making the selection of games more overwhelming. Android Power hub has figured out a solution and allows its readers to choose from a wide selection of new releases coming this month.

So June month will surely be one of the busy months for the PlayStation VR game fans. So play some of the highly anticipated title games coming soon this month, which will let you avail ultimate PlayStation VR game experience that will truly be innovative.

June releases for PlayStation VR game

Following are the notable releases in the month of June. These releases are gems, and you must keep an eye on them.

Special delivery

Special delivery Game

It is a Playstation VR game that will arrive on 10th June 2023 and will surely let you enjoy the fast pace world of delivering the newspaper. Delivering the paper will let you earn points, and your business will continue expanding. You can access more than 200 hundred clients and successfully deliver them the newspaper. Every game is incomplete without challenges and obstacles, so you have to put your soul into it.

Tekken 7

Tekken 7 Games

If you want to enjoy the fighting series with more than 30 characters, you will enjoy this Playstation VR game. Now master the moves because there are total new fighters with an unusual appearance. However, this proves to be one of the great storylines of the year.

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon Game App

Rejuvenate the players in the small town and try hard to bring the life back in the community. The game offers built-in features that utilize, enables you to do farming, dealing with the animals, and crops. The characters will give you a deep story to follow. Try out PlayStation VR game.

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy Game App

There will be no player of PlayStation VR game on earth who will be unaware of Final Fantasy. This season will surely bring crisp for you with the characters that will introduce new dungeons and allows you to battle with diving and swimming abilities.

Drive girls

Drive girls Game App

If you take racing very serious then give your taste a serious challenge by driving the car with the Japanese alternative. Animated girls who are embedded with super abilities and hi-tech weapons will control the action game. They own the potential to transform the cars and changed the color schemes or accessories. So if you own skills, then it is the right time to join the board.

Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine Game App

If you are a fan of zombies, then the walking dead Playstation VR game is the best choice for you. Arizona sunshine lets you enjoy the game in the middle of a full-blown zombie apocalypse and leaves the player with weapons to make the way. However, make sure to keep track of all your ammo and use weapons wisely for killing the undead.

Playstation VR game use controllers to control everything because you will be dragged through the abandoned towns to deal with lots of zombies.

So which game you are playing?

In the month of June, there are not many releases for PlayStation VR game, but all games released in June will surely be awesome. So if you are interested in getting PlayStation VR game then try any of these and leave your comment below.