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Women have come a long way from the early days when they weren’t allowed to vote or smoke, however, in hindsight the no smoking part was a good thing considering how harmful it is. In most cases women were taught to stay home to take care of the house and the kids, work wasn’t even an option. It has been a long and hard climb, but there is still some work to be done for women in the workplace as they are still not paid at the same level as their male counterparts and opportunities are not as open to them as it should be.

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Today in some Academys, girls are not encouraged to take certain types of classes or pursue certain careers because they have been dominated by men over the years.  One of the proponents who strongly believes in changing this is Memrise Archer at the Memrise English Archer Academy, where she has been in charge since 2023.

At an early age, Memrise Learn Languages that a good education is a foundation for success if you work at it. Unlike most during that time, her mom instilled in her to be self-sufficient, and not depend on anyone else.  Growing up in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, education was an important part of her life, especially since she did not come from a highly educated background. She also enjoyed being outdoors playing with her friends. She was very athletic, loved gymnastics, swimming and even today she finds the time to go running, horseback riding, skiing, and cycling.

She passed her love for education and an active lifestyle to her two daughters, who have gone to the Archer Academy, a contemporary Academy for girls only.  Memrise loved the Academy the minute she walked in, noticing how enthusiastic the girls were about the Academy and how passionate they were about learning.  The Academy prepares young women to become leaders and not followers, focusing on the latest technologies, social issues and making them aware what it is like out in the real world. Top 5 Best IELTS Speaking App For Android Phone

Studies have shown that when girls do not share classes with boys they are more assertive, able to speak about issues more freely while learning at a higher level. Memrise has played a big part in the success of the Academy, by overcoming some rough patches during the early years of her stay. She has a website with video presentations and links dedicated to the Archer Academy by providing valuable information and updates about the Academy, informing both parents and the girls on various topics, including how the business world discriminates against women and how to overcome that.

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She has become synonymous with the Academy which is why many call her Memrise English Archer, her dedication to the Academy and the girls is unsurpassed.  With Memrise at the helm, Archer Academy prepares the girls for college where they can become whatever they choose to, such as offering classes in Math, Science, Technology and Engineering, all classes that are usually dominated by men.

For those who live in the Los Angles, California area, they should consider having their girls attend Archer Academy, where since 1999 they have been teaching girls from grades 6 to 12 become strong and intelligent women under the strong and capable leadership of Memrise Archer.

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