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Best flashlight apps

Flashlight Apps prove to be handy because of many reasons. They assist in finding the way at night, to enjoy the concert or for sending signals at need. These apps own variety of qualities, which links to the listings of Google Play Store. So feel free to use these apps. Android Power Hub has provided all the best flashlight apps which you will need time to even for searching the cozy pajamas in the dark. Most of the apps flashlight online are available, but the facility of internet is not available 24/7 due to which flashlight apps free provides best assistance.

Get to know The 7 Best Free Flashlight Apps

1 – Flashlight (Best Android flashlight app)

The flashlight app is the bright app, which starts fast. The flashlight apps free is embedded with the additional features like a strobe light and SOS mode. The flashlight allows staying even when the phone is a lock. You will find the ads annoying because they are frequent.


  • Allows you to take videos and pictures
  • Read and write shortcuts and home settings
  • Full access to network
  • Disable your screen lock
  • Install and uninstall shortcuts
  • Prevent device from sleeping

You can download the flashlight torch from here.

Brightest LED Flashlight App

2 – Torch tiny flashlight App – (Best Android flashlight app)

One of the old favorite torch light apps is the Torch-Tiny flashlight. This flashlight app is straightforward and un intrusive to use. It is downloaded for more than 100 million times from the play store. The page shows a power button along with the battery level. It also shows a disclaimer, which continuously shows that the continuous use of the flashlight, may reduce the battery life. The app is amazing because of the new feature, which shows battery life.

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Tiny Flashlight App + LED

3 – Torch Flashlight – (Best Android flashlight app)

Flashlight App LED Light

This app is downloaded over more than 50 million times. Flashlight Torch is a simple flashlight widgets for Android, which allows quick is access to the users from home screen. The app asks for permission to access the camera. One of the simple free flashlight that allows you to try the gem app available in the Google Store.

One of the best flashlight apps downloads here.

Free Torch Flashlight App

4 – Super Bright LED Flashlight – (Best Android flashlight app)

Super Bright LED Flashlight owns the perfect functionality and is having a simple interface. The interface is designed specifically to handle the basic flashlight. The simple slide of on-screen switch activated the beam, and the lens portion is easy to adjust to contract or expand the beam. All you need is to swipe the top screen right or left to adjust the intensity. It is the well known brightest flashlight app available on Google Store. The app owns amazing features, which makes it competitive and offers the best usability.

Best flashlight apps can be downloaded here.

Super-Bright LED Flashlight App

5 – Flashlight Torch LED Light – (Best Android flashlight app)

If you want to avail the convenient features, then Flashlight Torch LED light is one of the adjustable strobe light. The best flashlight apps operate in the energy saving mode and offer magnifying glass and energy saving mode.  It enables to view the small fonts even in the dark. The app is embedded with several options to turn the light off and on. You can control the app easily by flipping the phone or making multiple taps. It offers hands-free switching of light by clapping.


  • Strobe light
  • Hands-free control
  • Front light with video zoom
  • Magnifying glass
  • Light timer

You can download the best flashlight widgets for Android by clicking here.

Flashlight App - Torch LED Light

6 – Brightest Flashlight free – (Best Android flashlight app)

Brightest Flashlight free

Brightest Flashlight app surely weighs its name by providing peak illumination. The app is easy to activate and glows, flashes as well as blinks. The app turns on the camera, flash and uses soft keys, keyboard back lighting, and the LED light to provide brightness. If you need the best-LED Flashlight apps, then this app surely comes handy. It is not available with the embedded features such as compass, strobe effects but still worth to download.

Flashlight app for android free download is available here.

Brightest Flashlight App Free

7 – Torch – (Best Android flashlight app)

The torch is the friendliest app which owns simple interface. You will find this app on everyone’s phone. It is available with home screen widget but does not offer flashlight option. However, the size of the app is very less and perfect for the users who wants to use the home screen widget.

You can use flashlight download for android phone free by clicking here.

Torch Flashlight App

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The need to use flashlights and torch apps is increasing day by day. They are efficient to use in many ways. These seven Top flashlight apps above are mentioned because they are found to be most useful and interesting by Android Power Hub. However, the requirements and needs of every person do vary, so flashlight app android download is available on Google store. Do not forget to comment below.