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where’s my droid app for Android

Everyone loves their Android phone especially the flexibility offered by the Android sets. But have you ever thought of adding security to the Android device? Then Android Power Hub surely helps you out with where’s my droid that protects your smartphone from falling prey into wrong hands. With the fast-paced life and busy work routine, it might be possible that you will not remember where you kept your phone so getting a reliable help especially from where’s my droid app will assist you well.

Let us guide you with the great where’s my droid app for Android.

What is where’s my droid?

Wheres my Droid is an amazing free phone retriever application that proves to be very useful for all smartphone users. where’s, my droid app free download is available which features GPS locator, an emergency loud ringer for quick and easy phone retrieval. The owners of smartphones need to send a text message to the phone, and the ringer from where’s my droid app will be activated. Even if the phone is in silent mode, the ringer volume turns loud.


  • where’s, my Droid offers amazing features to the users, which are as follows.
  • The remote lock allows locking the device and protects your information.
  • Locate with the help of GPS and track the movement of the device location
  • Camera allows taking pictures while fail attempts of screen locks
  • Geo-fence is active and offers amazing features.
  • Automatically detect theft and react accordingly.

 User’s Reaction

According to the users of where’s my droid, the app is useful and great. One of the users mentioned that he installs the app immediately after getting a new phone while many were shocked with its performance. It is easy to use and very intuitive. However, it is highly recommended to download.

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Wheres My Droid App Free Download

If you are facing the problem in downloading the app, then you can get where’s my droid pro apk reliable link to use the app.

Avail lifetime subscription

The app is available free, but the in-app purchases let you avail amazing features. For lifetime subscription, you have to pay $3.99, which unlocks options of customizing and lets you avail more advanced setting. You will remotely lock your phone; delete the memory or personal information while free version comes with limitations.


Following are the where’s my attractive droid pros that make it exceptional and unique as compared to other related apps.

  • Easy to use app
  • Set up process is simple
  • No battery drain
  • Offers great maps based site tracking
  • Downloading size is small
  • Intelligent word texting activates the phone system
  • Free features are available that work with in-app purchases.
  • Offers no pop ups
Droid Finder

where’s my droid commander desktop log in lets, you recover a missing android phone. Find my Droid is a free designed app that works on all Android-powered phone. where’s my droid for android is a smart and intelligent app that uses an unusual method to locate my droid with the find my droid app. even if you have never lost my droid, still where’s my droid is great to use. The app owns find me mode which switches the phone automatically to ringer and cranks volume with a particular text.

No more, worry about your phone and Get where’s my droid app now for your Android set. Stay connected now.