Download FaceApp for Android – latest version FaceApp free

Download latest version FaceApp free

Do you know that FaceApp download for mobile exceeds 100k in just one week? The reason is the excellent AI used to transform the face with one tap. Yes, the amazing Russian app uses various filters that can be applied to photos to transform people look. The FaceApp for Android hit the spotlight last month as well and went viral when people were surprised to see their favorite celebrities older than their real age. Hence, it is a worth trying fun app that will surprise you with its intelligence.

Scared of FaceApp Stealing Your Data?

Are you scared that Face App will steal the data? Then let us tell you that FaceApp does not steal any sort of data including photos and videos. According to the evidence, there were more than 70 million users that used Face-App. The app used old age filters and recreates images with an AI algorithm that enables people to look old or younger than their age. The app works perfectly on Android devices and does not take photos from phone neither uploads them to servers without any user permission. So if you are still concerned that is FaceApp safe? Yes, it is safe and secure app to use. It only takes or saves submitted pictures by the users for transformation and stores for backup purposes in the company servers.

How FaceApp works?

If you are eager to know that how you look in your 50s or 60s, Face App download for mobile will do all the magic for you. The app enables the user to select the image from the Gallery and edit it according to the selected filter. The AI algorithm of the FaceApp guesses the areas to wrinkle and which face area will sag even the hairline is also set automatically.

The filters not only ages you but offers some great changes as well that includes adding a smile, swapping gender and will also make you look younger.

Neural face transformation

The FaceApp offers the following transformations for the images

  • Smile 1 and Smile 2 will add a smile to the image.
  • Young filter will allow you to look younger than your age as an image.
  • Old filter will make you look old,
  • Male filter will add male facial features.
  • Female filter will add female facial features to the image accordingly.

Download FaceApp

FaceApp is available for free on Google Store or Play Store. It can be used without any subscription charges and free to use. The process of downloading FaceApp for Android or FaceApp for PC is almost the same. Users can also use Face App online to edit images.

Download latest version FaceApp free

How to use FaceApp on mobile?

  • After downloading the FaceApp launch the app.
  • A live camera will allow you to see yourself with an overlay which will disappear as soon as the app will detect your face. Place your face accordingly.
  • After the right framing, click on the shutter button and FaceApp will automatically process the image.
  • Now you can select the filter of your choice to edit the image and FaceApp will start applying the filter to give a preview. You can save the image or share it with the icons.
  • To select an image from the photo library, swipe up to bring up the library and select the image accordingly to apply filters.

Are you ready?

So are you ready to create funny images? You can also create funny or animated GIFs or collage up to four photos from Face App as well. FaceApp is a great app so make us smile by sharing the best edited image below in comments.