Themes on Android

Every Android user has built-in themes in their phone. What they need to know is how to use them!

Even if you know nothing about Icon packs & Launchers, even if you don’t have themes packs installed in your phone, if it has a home screen on it, it means it got a theme. As an Android user you don’t have to live in the app drawers:

  • You can choose how your phone looks and functions.
  • You can use widgets to interact with apps without opening them.
  • You can use custom icons to theme or obscure the apps on their phone from prying eyes.
  • You can even use gestures and contextual data to help your phone adapt to where you are and what you’re doing.

So, what are Android themes and how can you get started with one?

What is Theme?

Every Android phone got many types of themes within it, but the one we suggest throughout this article is home screen themes or launcher themes. A theme is the visual styling of your home screen, through the choice and use of launchers, wallpapers, widgets, icon packs, sounds, and other elements.

Users mostly imagine themes as complex elements and high-maintenance setups. They imagine custom Zooper widgets and elaborte icon packs. And while there are many people who do completely overhaul their launchers regularly, for most of us, a theme does not mean changing the way your phone is set up, only how that setup looks.

Even if you don’t wish to use Launchers in making your home screen look good, launcher have some other uses that you may be interested in:

  • Hiding apps: Hiding an app from the app drawer is the function that most launchers offer. Easy accessibility of an app is also offered by launchers without compromising privacy, especially, by family member finding the app. Moreover, you may also rename the app and give them the icon that is less likely to catch the eyes of other users.
  • Themes on Android hide apps
  • Transferring themes and setups: Typically, your mother may want everything in her new phone look her old one. Well, with theme backups, you can make all her Android devices look like her old one.
  • theme match android
  • Efficiency: Fumbling around your app drawer looking for the app you need might be a time consuming job, the quicker get your app the earlier you can get back to doing something with your life besides staring at your phone. Launchers may re-order your apps customizing them for your ease, and through the use of your launcher’s folders, you can cut down on the clutter, both in your app drawer and on your home screen.
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  • Choice: A launcher gives you choice, in how your app drawer is customized in an organized manner, in how much you can put on your home screen.