Cool things every Android owner can do with his phone

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7 things every Android owner should try right now

Androidpowerhub assures that your friends will be jealous of the knowledge you own regarding the Android phone. Yes, many tricks and cool things you can follow on iPhone but you will surely be amazed when you know that Android Phones are also capable of doing great things. The innovations and new tricks found on Android is impressive. Even your friends will think that you are an IT genius person because the cool things Android Power Hub is going to present are super easy to follow.

Enable Google Now

Google Now on Tap provides contextual information to the user whatever is present on the screen. It allows the user to find the information seamlessly and you do not have to search for anything manually. So if you want to enable Google Now then

  • Click Settings
  • Tap on Google
  • Click on Search and Now
  • Voice and Switch it on

If you turn on the switch, user can enjoy the contextual and fast information on tap.

Improve battery timings

This is one of the best tricks that every Android user will be looking for. Improving battery timings are almost everyone’s needs. Just make the Android battery optimized by turning off the Ambient display or Adaptive brightness. This option will change the brightness according to the lighting condition and will improve life of the battery.


Have you ever considered using a Pushbullet? If no, it is the right time. Pushbullet provides notification to you regarding calls and SMS on your PC. It is efficient enough to transfer files between various devices.

Android supervisor

It if one of the essential trick or you can say a necessity, which needs to be enabled on almost every phone. The high-quality tool is smart enough to find the stolen or misplaced phone. It helps to ring it, lock it or even removes the content. It is one of the demanding tricks on planet, which you can do with your Android Phone.

Plug a mouse

Did you know, you can easily connect a wired or any of the wireless mouse into the Android Phone and it works efficiently? If you have not tried then try it now.

Control the LED light bulb

If you own LIFX bulb, then a Wi-Fi enabled bulb changes color and is energy efficient. You can control this bulb with an Android phone.

Locate the Android Device

So, if you have lost any of your Android Device then visit This is the efficient method with which you can ask Google “Find My Phone.” However, this trick only works if your phone is on. The device manager will allow to ring the phone or lock it via Gmail account.


Attach more than one photo via Gmail

Yes, you probably have faced the consequences when you repeatedly have to perform the same operation just to attach photos or files on your Gmail. So try out the time-saving hack that lets you attach more than one photo at a time.  To attach more photos,

  • Just Go to the gallery of your phone
  • Select album
  • Then tap on the Photos, which you need to choose.
  • Then tap on SHARE icon at the bottom menu with three dots.
  • Do find the Gmail icon. After selecting the icon, all of the chosen photos will attach to your email.
  • You can use this trick to Google Drive as well.

Signing Off

Are you able to find these cool hacks or tricks on your Android phones? Your answer will be NO. Try these tricks and let us know your views or tell any other hack that you have tried. will review it and surely update the article accordingly.