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don’t you think that the best podcast apps have revolutionized our lives? These free podcasts have brought a revolution in using Android phones and changed the way music is pinned to your ears back. Podcasts have indeed rooted itself during the internet days to offer portable rich media content. Podcasts are entirely different from traditional radio because hosts of podcasts can produce shows fitting on any topic. Thus, podcast addicts are increasing from last some years. The best podcast app can easily be downloaded from the website and many android podcast apps are enabling a user to download various episodes on several devices. Get to know the best android podcast apps.

How to listen to podcasts?

A good podcast app offers a great comprehensive list of shows making it easy to listen. The best podcast app for Android owns easy navigation and offers a clean interface with trending features so that users can search for programs of their choice. After downloading the podcast app for Android, select the Top tab and you will be able to see popular podcasts. Just subscribe to the podcast with a “+” sign instead of manually downloading the episodes. An alert will notify when a new episode is uploaded.

To reach out to additional options, manage and sort episodes click on three dots mentioned above episodes.

1 – Google podcasts

Google plays podcasts own stylish, sleek and clean interface which can be accessed to millions of people worldwide. Google podcast offers limited features as compared to other podcast players but Google integration with the latest features is great. Google podcast app comprises of AI capabilities and amazing features that make it exceptional.

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2 – Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is one of the famous and popular podcast choices that offer amazing cross-platform syncing, clean up, auto-downloading, cross-device, and related features. it is available for free with all of its features. users can search episodes, browse various categories, use organization tools for downloading and streaming, thus, it also provides cloud storage up to 10GB, web apps, desktop options, custom and theme icons.

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3 – Podcast Addict

With a massive library, Podcast Addict is also the best podcast app Android offering live streaming radio, different audiobooks, and support for YouTube and Twitch channels. The application allows users to avail SONOS support, Chromecast, silence options, playback speed and much more. The app supports ads as well but in the pro version of $2.99, there will be no supported ads.

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4 – Spotify

Spotify is one of the free popular podcasts that support videos as well as audio in podcasting. It is surely a renowned app downloaded in everyone`s smartphone. It is a great and best free podcast app for Android offering an organized variety of podcasts including sports and recreating, Comedy, storytellers. Spotify enables individuals to manage, share and subscribe to various podcasts even through various social media platforms. The features like management and playback are great to stream music. Thus, the dedicated app demands a shot.

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5 – Podcast Republic

The Podcast Republic is the best podcast app Android offering maximum customized options. The great app in Play Store is worth trying because it rolls various podcasts and the single simple interface features live radio as well. It is used to manage and organize various YouTube channels, audiobooks, RSS feeds and even SoundCloud subscriptions. The features like playback speeds, silent skippers, volume booster and scheduling will ease your life. Scheduling is an intelligent feature in the app enabling individuals to wake up to their favorite content every day. The ad-free version will cost you $2 while all of its features are free.

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Final thoughts

The 5 best podcast apps for Android mentioned above are great to use. They own a simple and intuitive interface. You will end up finding many podcast apps but the apps mentioned above will let you discover new and amazing shows that you will surely love.