best karaoke app for android free download

Best karaoke app

5 Best Karaoke App For Android Free Download

Are you are a pitch-perfect singer or just love to be a karaoke enthusiast? Android Power hub has gathered the best karaoke apps, which will challenge your inner super singing star. The apps are designed to fit your singing needs and offer amazing features for the novices as well as professionals. Best karaoke apps for Android will make your party love and fun. Try them now.

1 – Red Karaoke Sing and Record

This Red Karaoke app is one of the best karaoke apps for all Indian songs as well songs of your choice. Downloading this app means, you own the best singing karaoke online just in your pocket. The karaoke app lets you browse through the thousands of songs in more than 100 musical genres. All you need is to select a song of your choice and then sing it along with the lyrics as seen on the screen. You can add various sound effects and dub it in as a mouse voice, robot or as an epic diva. If you want a premium subscription, then you have to buy it.

Click here for red karaoke download.

Red Karaoke Sing & Record

2 – Smule Sing!

Karaoke app free songs with lyrics offline no wifi required for the popular among the iOS and Android users. The karaoke app is the best because it offers one of the extensive karaoke databases of songs and music. Almost every favorite song will be mentioned and listed in the app. it is perfect karaoke app Bollywood Hindi songs and Hollywood songs. You can avail more features by signing for the membership.

Smule Karaoke Download by clicking here.

Smule Sing App

3 – Sing Play: Karaoke Your MP3s

SIngPlay is a Karaoke app that allows the individuals to make songs. It is a music maker with easy to use interface and unique features. You will be lucky if you will end up downloading perfect karaoke app. It offers rich user experience without any abnormal errors. You can make use of Chorus FX effect, which comes handy for specific situations. It proves to be a perfect free solution for Android. Offline karaoke app for Android does not require an active internet connection to operate.

Karaoke app Bollywood Hindi songs can easily be downloaded from Google Store click here.

SingPlay - Karaoke your MP3s

4 – Sing Karaoke

It is another option, which offers a similar set of features accompanied with amazing material design style. The extensive range of Karaoke Hindi songs and Hollywood collection allows you to select your favorite songs. You can also record your singing and save it to play it afterward. You will actually love this Karaoke app.

Download the best karaoke app now.

Sing Karaoke app

5 – Sing Songs StarMaker Karaoke

Sing songs is the best karaoke app, which allows you to pick the best songs from the extensive collection. It lets you sing like a star and enables you to edit the top quality recordings with a range of voice effect. Therefore, it is the right time to discover your voice with the masterpiece app.

Download the Sing Songs Karaoke app now.

Sing Karaoke Songs App


We know that you will end up finding amazing karaoke apps for Android, but they often get non-functional with the frequent use. So utilize the apps that are mentioned above and save your time. They do offer offline functionality as well which will assist you no matter where you are.

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