Blue Whale game suicidal Challenge hits Android smartphones

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What is the Blue Whale Challenge? Blue Whale Suicide Game on Android

Within a short span, the Blue whale game becomes fascinating and attention seeker for guardians because teenagers die after completing the challenges of the blue whale suicide app. you simply cannot judge the game with its name. Blue whale suicidal game is named among the monstrous game, which allows youngsters to take their lives. The blue whale facts made the game viral on various social platforms.

Blue Whale Game Suicide Challenge

Yes, anyone can easily get attracted to the blue whale name because it is one of the largest mammals in the world. Blue whale length is approximately 108 feet. Blue whale facts make the mammal more attractive. However, but the game is entirely different to the blue whale cartoon or whales facts.

Blue Whale game suicidal

What is blue whale online challenge?

The game is compatible with iOS or android software and offers easy to use interface. It can be downloaded on PC as well as on various android devices. A Russian psychology student, Philipp Budeikin, is the creator of the game. The killing machine app is exceptionally designed and enables the player to complete 50 tasks, which are assigned by the administrator of game. However, the 50th task is to kill yourself.

Blue Whale Challenge

All of the tasks in the game are assigned by the administrator while the player has to send photographic proof which results in self-harm and the ultimate task is to commit suicide.

How does the blue whale game work?

Blue whale suicide squad game VR download is available on Google store and the game is made for the only suicidal purpose. Player has to chat with administrator through a chat append will be assigned one task per day.

The tasks vary from initial stage until 50th task and include watching the horror movies, waking up at various odd times, and harming yourself. The tasks may seem easy for the daring person but ask them to commit suicide at the end.

What is the Blue Whale Challenge

Do not download blue whale Challenge Game

Note: make sure the article is only for the informational purposes. AndroidPowerhub does not recommend downloading the game and playing Bluee whales.

Therefore, if you feel that you are crazy enough and daring to play the blue whale challenge game then find the game by clicking here.

Download Blue whale VR App

Remember that people are losing their lives because of this game. However, if you are a genius and intelligent enough that it is best to get rid of this stupidity.

Following are the l5 games, which are similar to blue whale challenge game, and comprises of 50 days tasks.

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Beware of Suicide Squad

The Blue whale Suicide squad is present in various countries. The group of conservators and administrators are involved who provide a task to the participant every day. Participants have to share the pictures of the tasks they perform. The tasks may begin with ease but progress to cut off skin, self-harm, or suicide in the end.

Blue Whale suicide game hits


Dear gamers, life is precious so do not waste it by playing the dissatisfied and unhappy game. Games are developed only for entertainment purpose and do not intends to take the lives so be wise while getting involved in games like Bluee whale challenging game. Make sure to think about your loved ones and stay safe. Stay tuned to AndroidPowerhub.