Updated Digicert code signing certificate – Secure Sockets Layer

Code signing certificates from DigiCert allow our customers to digitally sign software or applications, especially those that might be downloaded or run online, to verify that the code being run has not been altered or corrupted. Digitally signing code with a digital signature from a trusted certificate authority, such as DigiCert, prevents unnecessary warning dialogues when end users attempt to run the signed code.

In general, a code signing certificate helps guarantee to users that they are, in fact, running the code they believe they are running, and that the code was written by the individual or organization that the certificate was issued to.

Features and Benefits

There are many potential uses for signing code with DigiCert digital signatures. The most frequent uses are with Microsoft Authenticode and Java Applets, but there are also many more applications to authenticate your code:

  • Customers running or installing software will be able to verify that it was issued by a trusted publisher.
  • Works with Microsoft Authenticode, Office VBA, Java, Adobe AIR, Apple’s Mac OS, and Mozilla objects.
  • Seamlessly establishes trust with users and eliminates unnecessary warning messages.
  • Easily integrated with third-party or custom solutions.

DigiCert code sign certificates are not used to secure communication with a webserver or by clients, identifying themselves to a webserver. To learn more about ssl certificates or client certificates, please see our pages specific to those certificate types.

Digital Identification for Signing Code for Windows Programs

Microsoft Authenticode Code Signing Certificates

Microsoft Authenticode is designed to help give users an assurance as to who actually created the code that they are running, especially for code that is downloaded or run on the internet, and to verify that the code has not been altered or tampered with after being issued. For example, a program that has been digitally signed, maliciously tampered with and then redistributed online will present users with a warning before being run.

Code signing relies on tested and proven technology based upon Public Key Cryptography and digital certificates, and DigiCert’s trusted identity assurance validation procedures.

With DigiCert’s easy to use tools to get your certificate created and installed, and Microsoft’s many easy-to-use codes signing utilities, getting started signing your code couldn’t be easier.

DigiCert Code Signing

With a strong background in authentication and identity assurance, DigiCert has the experience and the tools that you need to be confident in your code signing certificate purchase decision. The purchase process is simple and flexible, letting you get your certificate in the way that is easiest for you (you can let us do the work of setting up your certificate for you, or do it yourself).

Our customer support staff is knowledgeable and experienced and available twenty-four hours a day to help you with any questions you might have or problems you might run into.

Digitally Sign Code for Java Applets with Integrated Identity Assurance

Oracle Java Code Signing Certificates

Assure users running your Java applets that the code they’re running is safe to download and run with DigiCert Sun Java Code Signing Certificates. Digitally sign .jar files and Java applications for use with client’s computers, web browsers, and mobile devices with broad ranging trusted ubiquity.

With most applications and content being distributed electronically now, it’s important to rid the warnings and error messages typically accompanied with unsigned code. Our code signing certificates confirm the legitimacy of the code and ensure your customers it hasn’t been tampered with, thus providing them with confidence to do business with you.

Sign your JAR files and applications to protect your reputation. No more “Publisher authenticity can not be verified” warnings. Sign up today to provide your customers with the reassurance they deserve.

Why Choose DigiCert?

DigiCert is among the top 10 Certificate Authorities in the world. Our root certificates are embedded in all modern browser and certificate stores, so you can be reassured that your code signing certificate will be trusted by everyone out there. We take pride in exceptional service and have been noted for excellent customer support. In fact, we encourage you to click Live Help or give us a call at 1-800-896-7973 to speak with one of our qualified code signing certificate experts.

What is Code Signing?

Code signing is a process of using digital signatures via Public Key Cryptography to distribute code, applications, scripts, and executables. This algorithm assures recipients the code came from a trusted source and the code hasn’t been tampered with.

Who Needs Code Signing Certificates?

Anyone distributing software, applications, or executables electronically can benefit from DigiCert Code Signing Certificates. In life and in business, all good relationships are built on trust. DigiCert Code Signing Certificates will help you develop your relationship with your customers by providing them the peace of mind that your code is signed.

Digital Signature Authentication with Mac OS

Mac OS Code Signing Certificate

Allow users to run Mac executables error free. Help instil confidence in those running your Mac OS X software, tools, updates, utilities and applications by signing your executables with DigiCert’s Apple Code Signing Certificates. Signing your code provides identity assurance, alleviates the stress of code being compromised with insertion of malware, and protects your reputation as the author.

Apple code signing certificates allow developers to sign software for Mac OS, as well as updates for your software. Because your code signing certificate verifies both the authenticity and source of the code, and that the code has not been tampered with since being signed, your users can work with your software the way they are supposed to without having to worry about the security concerns that plague software distribution today, especially in the online world.

Why Chose DigiCert?

DigiCert is a certificate authority with years of experience in authentication and identity assurance, with an experienced staff available twenty-four hours to help ensure that your questions are always answered, and that you get the help that you need.

What are Code Signing Certificates?

Code Signing Certificates were developed to help establish the source and integrity of code, as well as specify to applications the purposes for which the code was created. Starting with Mac OS 9 (and carried on through Mac OS X) code signing has been integrated with the Apple OS to allow developers to manage these important functions. In order to ensure the secure distribution of code, developers should obtain what is called a code signing certificate to effectively stamp code with a kind of “stamp of authenticity.”


The Apple OS will carry out policy checks based on a digital code signature, and in the event that code has been tampered with, or the signature is not trusted or not valid, users will be presented with these warnings before running or installing code.

Digital Certificates for Adobe AIR

Adobe Code Signing Certification

Adobe code signing certificates from DigiCert can be used to digitally sign applications for Adobe AIR as well as a variety of applications outside of Adobe, such as Microsoft Authenticode, java applets, and almost any other application for which code signing would be necessary.


Code signing is designed to protect users of a particular piece of code (generally one that is widely distributed or available online) from being tricked into installing something other than what they were expecting. By putting a digital signature on an application, developers can ensure that end users who install or run their code are warned before running code that has been tampered with or modified. For Adobe specific purposes, unsigned applications cannot be run on Adobe AIR, for example.

Why Chose DigiCert Code Signing Certificates?

DigiCert is a leading provider of digital encryption and authentication services, with widely trusted and highly ubiquitous root certificates trusted by all major devices, platforms, and operating systems. We have recently expanded our product line-up to include code signing certificates to help our customers who require code signing to be able to obtain all their certificates from one provider.

What are Code Signing Certificates?

A code signing certificate is a digital certificate used to digitally sign code for a variety of applications (Adobe AIR is just one of the many platforms and applications that work with DigiCert code signing certificates) to prevent unidentified third parties modifying or tampering with code before it is distributed to the end user.

Signed code provides a valid signature and confirmation of the identity of both the certificate issuer as well as the organization that created and signed the code. If a third party were to attempt to manipulate signed code the signature would be invalidated, and present users with a warning before executing the modified and potentially malicious code.