Across the entire history of Star Trek.

Star Trek Timelines game is developed by Disruptor Beam and launched in January 14, 2016 for IOS, Android and as well as Face book plate is strategy based game that focus on the skilful thinking and planning to achieve the desired goal. The single player involves in series of matches against artificial intelligent opponents. In Star Trek Timelines the player act as a leader and make a series of planned action to defeat its enemy. Strategy game is quite interesting for those people who assembles the things and want to operate them on their command. It is a series of games. Originally it is conceived from the Star Trek Nemesis and Star Trek Voyager’s. In this game the player takes the responsibility of captain and recruit the characters from the old series of the Star Trek to make a team and handle the obstacle in their way. The interesting thing about the Star Trek Timelines is its Away missions and Star ship battles. In away mission the crew of three members go out to complete a task. The away mission requires each member of the crew with appropriate skill level, medical treatment, engineering and scientific knowledge and as well as weapon used knowledge. These skills and knowledge are very essential to complete the task and to qualify for the next level.Star Trek Timelines Gameplay

Star Trek Timelines Guide : The star ship battels is another interesting feature of the Star Trek Timelines android game. In star ship battels the crew of 5 members is required for trace out the conflict between the two ships. Each character on this mission increase the star ship capacity in the way of attack, damage and precision. Every member in this stage is very important for going towards further level/battel. The main theme and main charactertics of the Star Trek Timelines are its attractive ships with beautiful graphics and its captain with its crew and cool battels in space.

The player can get the reward in shape of new crew and space battle ships by playing and spending the money to explore the cool and new features of the game. By passing the games level you can earn the hiding or surprising objects which are helpful for improving the crew reliability and in passing the missions.

Recently cynical stated that this is card collected game, you can select your favourite character by making strategy and I give it 5/5. Ahmad rayhan said that there is one problem that game is hanged after the mission is accomplished and did not proceed further. I close this game, so please fix it. The designer of the star trek timelines shows that feedback from the different player all around the world is very useful for making game better and worthy for more downloads. At this time the current rating of this game is 4.0 which is averaged given by 21525 reviewers that sound interesting and it achieved due to great story, great graphics challenging tasks and easy to play of Star Trek Timelines. That’s way Over 500 thousand download can be made till now.Star Trek Timelines PC

Star Trek Timelines