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Now a days mobile phones are used for almost anything. Many Android apps help you to do your office work, predict the weather for you or even take notes of the important things. However, the top editors choice games allow the individuals to kill the boredom as well. Editors choice games are vibrant and vast in choice. They do include racing games, runners, shooting games and board games. To make your decision easy, we have provided the 7 best editors choice games list. You download editors choice games from Google store to kill your time and occupy your mind.

Editors Choice Games

1 – Crusaders Quest

It is one of the best editors choice games, which will make your adventure epic. Unreveal the mysteries of the world Hasla and solve real time puzzle and quest to find out who is behind the destruction.

  • Player have to battle against the corrupted Soltar and confront the magic
  • Traverse the lands to save Goddess in the game
  • The fast-paced puzzle must be solved to rescue the Goddess.
  • It contains 6 unique classes and 200 heroes to fight the corruption from adventure land.

Crusaders Quest Game

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2 – Egg, Inc.

Now develop your farm with the editors choice games Egg, Inc.  Hatch the chickens. Build the houses, hire drivers for delivery and then earn a commission to create the most advanced egg farm.

  • It is the casual and simple game
  • The game owns hundreds of missions
  • Various opportunities to challenge your farming skills
  • Incredible 3D animation

Egg, Inc Game

Editors choice games for Android is available here for Download.

Download Egg Inc App

3 – Magic Rampage

Top editors choice games offer a new platform, which combines with the hundreds of weapons and character customization. The player has to face each new obstacle, fight enemies and solve the mysteries to explore the land.

  • The game includes bonus levels
  • Explore dungeons and secret areas
  • Best classic platforms
  • Amazing look and feel and engaging gameplay

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Download Magic Rampage app

4 – Sling Kong

Now sling, swing or bounce with the Kong. However, you have to watch out for all the traps and obstacles. Now go up and keep on swinging as well as jumping to reach the end level.

  • The game offers more than 100 colorful characters
  • Great 3D graphics, sound, and animation
  • A very calm and relaxing game to kill your time.

Download editors choice game from here.

Download Sling Kong App

5 – JetPack Joyride

The editors choice games Jetpack Joyride is a side-scrolling game, which lies in the action category. The hero of the game steals jetpack, is armed with machine gun, and tries to escape from the laboratory.

  • The game contains cartoonish violence
  • Simplistic gameplay
  • Fun enhancements
  • Bonus weapons makes the game more interesting

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6 – Tiny Guardians

For the fun and engaging experience, you must need to play tiny guardians. One of the best editors choice games, which allow the player to destroy enemies. Yet, the user has to follow a particular formula to kill the enemies and defense the tower.

  • The game is very challenging and overwhelming
  • Amazing defense mechanics provided to the user
  • Great graphics, animation, and sound
  • Truly unique and ultimate experience

Editors choice Games apps can be downloaded from here.

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7 – Fantasy War Tactics R

One of the top editor’s choice games is highly recommended because of the pleasant visuals and colorful graphics. The playable 3D characters are engaged in a fight with the weapons and different armor. The game has various achievements to collect to make the fight a more thrilling.

  • It owns colorful visuals and vibrant animation
  • Unique and different strategies to paly
  • Upgradeable characters which make the play more fun and interactive
  • Cool designs

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Download Fantasy War Tactics R App

Final Verdict

All of the games mentioned above are amazing and fun to play. Download the game and fight your boredom. You will surely enjoy the 7 best editors choice games.