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Office applications are valuable for the people who needs to draft documents, make presentations, or to create spreadsheets daily. Androidpowerhub assists in providing the 5 best business apps for Android. These apps are perfect for making the professional work easier, but if you are seeking the practical apps on your smartphone, then Polaris Office + PDF Editor and WPS Office +PDF serves the best. WPS Office app has changed and revolutionized the handling of office documents. WPS Office app for Android is ideal for converting and viewing PDFs especially the essential work with the support of Microsoft file types. Get to know the amazing features of WPS Office +PDF office app.

Best WPS office app for Android

WPS Office for Android is one of the respected and most used apps, which is compatible with MS office. WPS Office app allows the user to connect to the Cloud Storage and offers a fantastic interface, which allows you to edit the document wherever you are. To edit or to create the documents you do not need stay connected with the internet. The app is available for free download from Google Play store.

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How to use the WPS Office app for Android

WPS Office reviews are great, and more than 30 million users download it. WPS Office Linux, WPS Office Mac or even for Android is available free. Once you complete the installation, you will see some folders when you launch it. You can also setup the drop box to connect the cloud storage or can add Google Drive along with the cloud options from the menu. Saving and editing the article is straightforward and easy. You can export the excel sheets, open PDF files and then move the files to the desired location.

Benefits of WPS Office App

WPS Office app for Android works smoothly and nice. The features of the app work great. The modern looking theme offers everything you need and is optimal for business and personal use. Following are the benefits of the WPS Office App.

  • The app is 100% compatible with MS office and performs well on the external keyboard.
  • UI is modern and comfortable to use.
  • WPS Office for Windows can be easily managed.  You do not have to manage WPS Office for PC neither have to pay for extra features.
  • Easy to integrate with Dropbox, Google Drive or other Cloud storage.

Need for WPS Office App

Many professional people genuinely need the MS Office suite with the ease to access anytime and anywhere. WPS Office App for Android offers easy integration with the amazing cloud services. The people who do not have technical knowledge can use UI of the app. The free worthy app is best to use on PC as well as on phones.


The software is known as the productivity app developed by Chinese company Kingsoft. If you are wondering that, what WPS stands for then, it is an abbreviation for Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheet. WPS Office app for Android is legal and free to use. The latest version of WPS Office app is available on Google Store. WPS Office Editors Choice will surely suit your legal requirements because it is dream solution and one of the smallest size of the app, which is available in multiple languages.

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WPS Office Review

WPS Office Reviews