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Have you ever wondered that restaurant reservation was stress-free with the ease of website or mobile app? Then Yes Android Power Hub has provided the best app, which assists in making the Restaurant Reservations. The OpenTable Android app is widely used by the businesses and customers both. The service eliminated the phone call reservations and assisted with the OpenTable app easy to use tool with Internet Connection.

Finding the availability of the OpenTable Restaurants Near Me and then making reservation accordingly in the hometown or while traveling is made convenient. However, even paying after the meal has become comfortable with the OpenTable app. It is the best and easy to manage restaurant reservation service. You can download the editor’s choice app by clicking here.

How does the OpenTable app work?

You will need an account to use the OpenTable app. The creation of an account is free, and you will need an email address and password to login the account. The app also enables the user to make some in-app purchases, which require you to enter the credit card number. There is no limitation to pay the payments with the mobile phone. All you need is to pay with the credit card via phone to the OpenTable app.

Began the Restaurant search

OpenTable Android app allows the individuals to look for the restaurants around. You can search for various nearby eateries or any of the specific city around you. The OpenTable app for restaurants makes you do the search along with the filtering tools that helps to narrow the suggestions according to the user rating, cuisine, factors, neighborhood and many other factors. These filters are helpful in doing a search.

How to make a reservation?

OpenTable app allows you to make the restaurant reservation by selecting the desired time, date and party size. The list of the OpenTable restaurants will meet your criteria. One of the smart features of OpenTable app is that it shows the availability of reservation in your desired restaurant. However, if you still want to dine in at your favorite restaurant, then a phone call is surely worth a try.

Special Features

OpenTable Android app provides the biggest feature of making a payment with mobile. You can even pay with your phone after the end of the meal. Another option enables the credit card option so that the restaurant never see your credit card and it will remain safely encrypted with the built in feature. While using the credit card, you can scan it and then complete the process by entering the phone number and ZIP code. You will also select an option from getting push notifications or text messages anytime you are at a restaurant. However, the user gets the flexibility to change the settings anytime you need.

Make your life simple

OpenTable app for Android makes your life simple and easy. Just eliminate to book reservations by making a call every time. The easy to use mobile interface allows everyone to take advantage from this fantastic app. It is one of the Best Android OpenTable apps for booking reservations. If you are a foodie and loves to eat out most of the time, then the app will surely come handy.

You can download the OpenTable App

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OpenTable App Reviews

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