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Does not Commute is the great game

Do you love the Smash Hit game? Then you will surely be the fan of Does not Commute. Android Power Hub has provided the Does not commute game review so that people can enjoy exceptional features and unique game. Does not commute is the latest unusual and entertaining game that will fit any genre. The Game is well known as the Swedish game introduced by Mediocre. It is the enjoyable game, which owns entertaining novel game play and funny story plot. Doesnotcommute app is highly recommended Android game.

How To Play Does Not Commute?

Does not commutes app provides the player tough challenges and tasks to complete. The player has to get to the destination with the cars. Every car has to reach the little snippet of the story such as whether the traveler is traveling. The car moves in forward direction automatically, and the player directly steers the vehicle to get to the destination. Does not commutey game offers bonuses, which you have to grab to get the highest score.

Does Not Commute Review

You must need to be very attentive while playing the game because does not commute secrets needs to be revealed by player. The game is challenging and may be irritating most of the time. You have to be a good driver to reach the destination quickly because it is difficult to complete the challenge when many wayward cars are on the road. The game offers ability to rewind time, which costs one second off from your timer. One of the amazing does not commute game tips is do not forget to upgrade the things and resources provided in the game. It will make your game easier such as speed booster, turbo, and traction enables to handle the car better.

You simply cannot lose the played data because player can start the game from the last checkpoint visited.

Features To Buy

Does not Commute is the great game, which does not offer checkpoints until unless the player pay. The game does not provide any expensive in-app purchase. Game allows you to play for 20 minutes consecutive until unless the player pay. The game is great and owns a distinct style. Interface is easy to use, and there is plenty of detail, which you can explore. The well-defined controls makes controlling of the car making it responsive.


The game is a town stylized which gives sound and feel like the American Town. The pretty, cozy and vintage atmosphere manages to set the mood for adventure. The player can play with the one car at time even in the congested traffic. Every car must be driven from point A to point B with optimal trajectory.


The intense, rich and polished visuals accompanied by the soundtrack provides a complete vintage look. Everything in the game does notcommute is great. It owns concise and witty characters, which are worth checking. However, the difficulty level of the game is moderate, and it is accessible and easy to play for the younger players as well.

Pros of does not commute

Following are the advantages of does not commute premium game which can be availed after download it through Google store or does not commute online.

  • Fantastic new driving game
  • Breathtaking design
  • Motivational soundtrack
  • Smooth performance
  • Difficulty level is moderate
  • Easy to access and addictive gameplay
  • Funny characters and owns intriguing stories

Does not commute game download is available free by clicking here.

Does not Commute Reviews

Does not Commute Reviews

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