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Make yourself look better with 3 best video camera app for android

3 best camera Apps for Android

It is true that smartphone cameras are getting better day by day. The ability in smartphones is increasing to capture the stunning images or to create great video. If you want to make photos and videos look better for the content marketing or website activities, then you simply do not need to change the camera. The built-in camera of the latest generation smartphones will help to create video better with the assistance of free apps. There are a variety of camera tools and apps which allow you to change the snap to professional, artsy or playful way. To use the best selfie camera app for Android, you simply do not need any skills because they are handy. So find out the camera app for android free download and enjoy video making.

3 Best Video Camera Apps – Editors’ Choice

Best video camera app for Android allows the default camera on the mobile phone to work better. The applications offer great features so that you can click and share quality images for the small business or your personal use. So following are the best 3 camera apps for images and videos.

1 – Candy Camera Selfie Photo

Now users can optimize the beautiful videos and selfies with the unique filters. It is a free and great photography camera app for PC and smartphone. With Candy Camera, you can use a diverse range of editing to make the objects look fantastic.


  • Add sensibility to the video with amazing light effects
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient editing
  • Adjustable contrast, resolution, saturation and brightness
  • Beautify the video with one touch
  • You can download the free Android application here.

Candy Camera - Selfie Photo App2 – EyeEm-Camera and photo filter

It is a great camera app for laptop and mobile which gives similar features as Instagram the frames and filters allow the user to take best images and to make a video. After taking a picture, you can also add comments and edit it according to your needs by giving it a special touch. The photography-based social camera app is different.


  • Tune the pictures well
  • Tips and tricks will be provided
  • Adjustable 24 filters
  • Saturation, fade, sharpen contrast and other detailing
  • Adjusts the picture to best exposure
  • Grid tool is available for perfect capture
  • The best camera app for android free download here.

EyeEm - Camera & Photo Filter App3 – Noah Camera

Now selfies will not just remain selfies. It will surely allow you to express yourself. It is best camera app for Windows and smartphones. Take great selfies by using the best filters and sharing them on social platforms. Instead of taking a selfie just show yourself by expressing the mood. The filters are real time and allow you to take pictures anywhere and anytime.


  • Offers 35 different styles of selfies
  • Easy sharing
  • Available with more than 100 filters
  • Collage mode is also available
  • Watermarks to decorate the image
  • Try out the amazing app by downloading it from here.

Noah Camera AppSo instead of purchasing the application, use free version and enjoy the countless features, which will be useful. The tools provided by these apps will make everything possible. These apps are easy to use, provide convenient features and well worth trying. Be an expert in using the camera by using these amazing apps.