Enjoy the Quest for cards with Animation Throwdown

If you are looking for the best card game, then Animation Throwdown is the best mobile card game. It is a perfect game for the card lovers who are affectionate with cartoon. Animation Throwdown Kongregate has introduced the game. It is the company most famous game, which is highly rated. The game offers best characters, which are dominating on TV known as a Family Guy, American Dad, Bobs Burgers and King of the Hill. The fantastic game offers humor and craziness. Find out the features of the most played game at AndroidPowerHub.com

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Play Animation Throwdown online

Animation Throwdown Kongregate has developed the game that allows you to laugh and enjoy the card combos. It proves to be very entertaining and will surely benefit the investment in game. For the very first time, all of the best episodes will be together and provide you the collectible quest for cars. The game features hundreds of best characters and the favorite moments. Now just collect the character card and then optimize the deck. You will have to make new combos to fight in the card battle. The digital game allows the player to enjoy real stakes.

How does the game work?

The Kongregate game was released in 2016 that also offers a tutorial mode where the player had to fight with Peter Griffin. Throwdown is played with a virtual deck consisting of 25 cards. You have to draw five, into the virtual hand. Player has to select between the object and character cards. If the player chooses the character cards on object card, then combo will be made which will combine the two cards to make a powerful combination.

Animation Throwdown Challenges

Animation Throwdown cheats enable the user to enjoy endless play by creating infinite combos in adventure mode, arena or research mode. You can access the information at AndroidPowerHub. Animation Throwdown Adventure screens give you tasks that are more challenging because players have limited energy that takes time to recharge. Every game is played with energy so constantly renew the energy by using the hack. The cheats recharge the in-game currency and gems for the transactions.

Play to the advanced level

A player can only enter animation throwdown guilds when they reach to the PVP level 3. It offers a limit of only 50 players and allows you to earn bonus coins gained from activities based on the active members.

Animation throwdown combos can be exchanged or created in the research mode or deck of cards. Players just have to increase their PVP level by earning more trophies in every mode. The player can use different characters. Remember that more trophies you earn, the game will get harder. The more games you play, the more energy you will lose. However, energy does not recharge instantly. Players have to wait for the energy. Gems are the in-game currency can be used to buy resources.

Trophy and card rarities

It offers PVP level prize in Bronze color, then silver award and when PVP level reaches to 9+ you will get the Gold trophy. So download the game now, or enjoy playing it online at AndroidPowerHub.

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