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iOS and MAC users have access to the beautiful journaling apps from a long time while Android users had to wait to introduce the digital diaries. Using a journey app proves to be a healthy habit because it serves well whole life with amazing benefits. You can track your mood, journeys careers, and it is a useful path towards self-improvement. Journey app proves to be one of the best app, which is accessible to the Android users. It enables you to keep track of journey games but allows you to access all notifications easily on computer or tablet. So let us guide you how Journey app for PC, smartphone or tablet improves your life.

Why use journey app?

Journey definition is clear and known by everyone while journey app helps to manage your tour and save all the memories as well as keeps track of all the important things. All of the journaling apps offers simple to use interface and amazing features. The user can write entries along with a photo and can access any service via computers or even geo-tag the location. While making entries, you can keep a log of weather, add media or even participate in various activities such as journey games or activities. Journey app is easy to use and edit.

Why is journey app best?

The exceptional features and easy accessibility make the journey app Android one of the best apps to use. We cannot deny the fact that access to the journal is a huge benefit to take control of the relevant journey entries. Accessing the journey app via computer and making a prolonged entry would be comfortable than using it on the phone. There are many journaling apps, which offer great and amazing features, but Journey app provides a complete package. When you open the app, you can have access to start a new entry. It offers a variety of ways to augment the entry in the journal by using rich media, locations, photos or tags. For the better health, just import the fitness data from daily activities.

Download Journey App by clicking here.

Download Journey - Diary Journal AppFeatures of the journey app

With an every update, there is an exciting addition made in the journeyapp. Following are the features of the app that will make your journey truly tremendous.

  • Price

There are many important features, which make usage of the journal exciting. The app offers in-app purchases that enable you to markdown support, lets you import and export the entries and has a night mode.

  • Cross platform

You can use the app on Windows, tablet or any other Android platform

  • Design

The design of the journeyapp is gorgeous. The well-spaced room enables to add rich content, the beautiful fonts makes it more appealing, and user-friendly interface makes it customize able.

  • Reminders

The Android app lets the user set reminder and provides alerts at the selected time

  • Calendar

The calendar view is also easy to access and keeps the user updated with important dates. For a quick preview, the calendar view is great.

  • Tags

You can also add tags to the various entries. So search the journal by using important or famous labels.


There are many journal apps, but Journeyapps is the best way to keep a digital diary with the ease of access. The tons of feature and options are free that will make your life comfortable and more convenient.

Journey Apps Reviews

Journey Apps Reviews