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PolarisOffice – The ambitious and work oriented people love to work on files and documents. Such people prefer flexibility and ease of access to avoid the inconvenience to carry the laptop every time. Androidpowerhub has gathered best Android business Apps that provide connectivity with the files and documents at the ease of fingertips. For the pleasant experience, Polaris Office 5 app offers beautiful, and solid experience to the Android users. The POLARIS OFFICE + pdf offers a smart interface that balances all the shortcomings. Androidpowerhub has gathered the information for its readers so that they can have the quality experience with the Editors’ Choice POLARIS OFFICE Android app.


POLARIS OFFICE + pdf provides quality assistance as you start using the application. The previews of the files and the recent documents are easy to access and will be displayed in array form. The user can scroll the files or move them as required. Submenus for the personal documents, the file browser, is explicitly mentioned and easy to understand. The new users get a complete guide to use the app. PolarisOffice 5 supports DOCX, DOC, XLSX, XLS, PPTX, PPT and TXT documents. It reads and exports the PDFs as well. The amazing app lets you browse the phone files through content.

Polaris Office viewer 5 Unique features

The features of Polariss Office for Windows and smartphone are almost same. The interesting feature includes the text to speech availability of the highlighted text in any document. It will be potentially more accessible to users. The spreadsheet functions and document feature are operational similar as Polaris Office for PC. POLARIS OFFICE + pdf includes find and replace feature, which allows the user to find the important files quickly. Polaris Office is exceptionally designed primarily for the smartphone users so that they can access the necessary files and documents.

POLARIS OFFICE viewer 5 free download is available here.

Download Polaris Office + PDF EditorA Great Polaris Office App

The great app is seen in the Google store because the interface is well designed which make managing the document and creation of files easy. Now it is available free with a list of capabilities. Polaris office viewer 5 is a capable app and offers cloud-based service where the user can open, edit and save MS Word, PowerPoint presentations; excel sheets and even PDF files from any device.

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How to set up Polaris Office+ PDF Account

The easy to use interface allows you to sign up with Facebook or Google+ account. You can also use a separate ID to setup your account.  You can login to the account after the software will be installed on your device.  The download will take time, or it depends on the internet speed. The installation is fast.

POLARIS OFFICE + pdf allows you to see all the uploaded documents, which can be accessed by the Polaris Drive. If you want to add a new file, then click +. If you want to upload Excel sheet, PPT file or word document then click on X, P or W respectively for the operations. You can choose from various templates to proceed further. If you save any file, it will automatically be saved on Polaris Drive. You can Open, Copy, Download, rename, delete, move or even share the files.

So are you ready to get quick access to your files and documents. Then use POLARIS-OFFICE + pdf app now.

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