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If you are tired of old matching games, then Android Power Hub has introduced the incredible Battle Camp game, which lets the user have fun and enjoy creativity. Battle Camp is the new matching three game offering users to enjoy light heart entertainment. People love playing matching games because they are easy yet challenging. The battle camp monsters consist of cute little hundreds of elemental creatures, which allow the player to fight them by matching the specific elements. Every battle you play will cost one energy. However, the idea of matching game is similar to other games, but the concept is different.

How to play a battle camp monster?

Battle camp consists of five monsters and each monster functions as elemental creatures. They assist the player in battling with the number of enemies. Attacks are supervised by moving and dragging the elements on screen. You have to match the elements, which will trigger the monster accordingly to match. Matches greater than 3 elements will surely provide the damaging result to enemy. However, if you make additional matches, then it will lead to devastating chain attacks and satisfying win.

Battle camp online version is not available so the players must Visit store for battle camp download to enjoy the unlimited play.

Level Fast as possible

Battle Camp players want to level fast in the game so check out the battle camp guide to achieve the top ranking among your friends. Battle Camp Hack Tool is available online which allows the players to get unlimited energy and coins, but it is advised to play the game by using Battle game codes or tips. The hack tool may assist you with the unlimited resources, but with the passage of time, you may get block by Google Play.

Stay connected

Now connect with your friends and use a referral code. You can use the referral code by tapping the Settings + ME button. Once you enter the code, the freebies and ultimate grap spin will be awarded.

Understand monsters

Battle camp consists of more than 400 monsters so to proceed in game it is essential to use battle camp monsters cheats and tips. Remember that battle camp game monsters are friends who will be companions after battling with the creatures and Rangers. They are given as rewards for monster grabs or battle game support. Each monster owns unique skill to be triggered in a particular way. However, it is best to remember the strengths and weaknesses of battle camp monsters.

Get to know the secrets of monsters

  • Evolve the monsters by combining a two identical battle camp monsters in one. The attributes of monster will increase.
  • Rare monsters will be found by battling in the camp area.
  • Special monsters will be available anywhere on the map. Finding the unique monsters will give you an extra bonus.
  • If you want to achieve great XP bonus, then level up the ordinary monsters and sacrifice with five fusions with the rare ones. This battle camp tip will free the space and allows for hunting the new monsters. Remember that
  • water > fire
  • Leaf > water
  • Fire> Leaf
  • Wind <>rock

These tips and cheats will surely help you to win and earn more monsters in the game. So stay tuned to Android Power Hub for more tips and hacks for Battle Camp. Editor’s Choice Games . So download the game and get some multi-monster mashing.

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Battle Camp Monster App Reviews