5 best health and fitness Apps For Android

best fitness apps for androidBest Fitness Apps For Android – It is best to stay healthy and keep your body in shape. The process of getting in shape and working out is a time-consuming process. Regular exercise lowers the blood pressure, cholesterol while heightens the stamina and muscles. Getting healthy and to stay fit is on everyone’s mind. People gets tired because of fast food and seek a healthy lifestyle. Thankfully, there are many smartphone best free fitness apps available which can assist you to live better and eat well.

TOP 5 Best Fitness Apps For Android

However, look at the best fitness apps for android.

1 – Calorie counter- MyFitness Pal

It is one of the best fitness apps for android. All women and men can access it because it is the universal best offline fitness app for Android. The primary purpose of the app is to count calories and keep track of how much you consume, what you eat and how good the food the user eats. The food database is wide and contains millions of food entries. The best android weight loss app enables the user to exercise programs and customize the workout according to their fitness level.

You can download the best fitness apps for Android by clicking here.

Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal App2 – Lifesum

Lifesum is the highest rated best fitness apps for android. It behaves as a health coach who works efficiently by providing amazing features to the users; it has a calorie counter, analysis of food and sends reminders to drink water. It is integrated with Google S Health integration. It is the best fitness apps women’s health, which supports various Android devices. For the additional support, it provides users great diet plans to follow.

If you want to download the lifesum fitness app Android, then click here.

Lifesum - Healthy lifestyle app3 – Endomondo

The best offline fitness app for Android endomondo. It tracks the fitness as well as a performance by recording the pep talks to access a large list of things. The app offers in-app purchases with various subscription charges. If the user has to create a personal training plan, then it is the best fitness apps for android, which analyze the heart rate, by offering many other features. Edomondo fitness app Android is highly rated and extremely popular because it can be synced with computer easily. So give it a try and download the app by clicking here.

Endomondo - Running & Walking App4 – MediSafe

MediSafe is one of the best fitness apps for android that is perfect for families. The app alerts the person if he/she miss the medication or skip their regular exercise. MediSafe is best for the caregivers because it remembers various family members routine with their created profile. Medisafe helps the users to educate them about their condition and offers helpful, amazing tips. It keeps track of all the health conditions of the user so that they remain healthy. So keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Do not forget to take meds again with MediSafe.

Medisafe Meds & Pill Reminder App5 – Fabulous : Motivate me

It is very difficult to find time from your busy work routine. The consecutive work habits keep you focused, motivated and energized. The amazing and best fitness apps for Android, helps you to follow the routine without missing any important work. It works as a coach and keeps you active to reach your goals. You will be able to lose weight efficiently, sleep better and eat better. However, it is the best android weight loss app.

Fabulous motivate me fitness app for android free download is available here.

Fabulous -The Motivation AppTry out this amazing and great fitness app android to keep yourself healthy.