best Android lock screen apps and widgets to reinvent your phone

Best lock screen apps

5 Best Android Lock Screen Apps

Android is always the first choice for the customers because it is highly customization and easy to use. Android Power Hub has provided its readers with the lock screen apps that will make the device look attractive, but screen lock apps with widgets will help to make your phone quick navigable. Lock screen apps enable the user to make the phone personal, which will cater the specific needs. Therefore, after reviewing screen lock apps for Android from Google Store, following are the best picks for lock screen apps.

1 – Next Lock Screen

Next Lock Screen is the Microsoft`s lock screen apps for Android users. It is one of the compelling lock screen apps with minimalist design and easy to use interface. The features of the app along will custom widgets make the app exceptional. It provides user with the controls for weather or music, and now Bing wallpaper option allows refreshing the wallpapers any time you want.

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Next Lock Screen App

2 – Lock screen Apps

It is one of the best Lock Screen apps produced by lovekara. The amazing app lets you turn off the screen with one touch. All you need is to shake your phone to turn off the screen. It the popular app which allows you use the lock screen widget and shortcut icon. Using this cool lock screen apps saves the cost of breaking down the power key. Use the app to lock screen with the invisible icon so that you can have a clean desktop.

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Lock Screen App

3 – Fingerprint lock screen Prank

The fingerprint lock screen app is a prank, which does not, actually detects the fingerprint but locks your phone with fingerprint scan animation and graphics. The incredible fingerprint scan prank makes the app funny. The individual can utilize various wallpapers that are provided to decorate screen. You can do multiple settings by using the app such as sliding text, date format, wallpaper, vibration and much more.

Picture lock screen app can be downloaded by clicking here.

Fingerprint LockScreen Prank

4 – App Lock

App Lock is a free lock screen apps that is light in weight and locks the phone with basic feature on your device. No one can access your phone without your permission. However, you can quickly secure your videos, photographs, contacts, and even individual messages. Simple to use app lets you to create a numeric password, which will unlock the app every time you open it.

Free lock screen app can be downloaded by clicking here.

Best AppLock

5 – Locker Master Fun, DIY themes

If you want to lock your phone in style, then Locker Master will allow you to discover the world’s amazing lock screen apps fun with HD themes. The great lock screen app is embedded with stylish live themes, creative and unique unlocking methods and sidebar navigation. You can change the general settings as well as customize the quick app launchers. If you love animation, then your mobile phone will be locked with live animated weather widget.

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Locker Master- DIY Lock Screen App

Signing off

All of the lock screen apps and widgets mentioned above are integrated with unique features. So download them and mention your views in comments.