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Keeper App Password Manager & Digital Vault

Are you looking for secure Password Manager then Keeper Best Password Manager is a simple and elegant app that assists well in securing the vault digitally. Browse for Best productivity apps on Android Power Hub to make your life easy. The best keeper app allows the user to secure the mobile device by logging into a website. The fantastic Keeper app on Android synchronizes easily across various platforms so that you will be covered with the Keeper app.

Keeper will cover all the basic needs by securely storing the information. The interface is easy to access and generates a password with neatly organized digital vault. Keeper goes well with all the basics and offers handy and secure password with the sharing feature.

Why is keeper app best?

Keeper app features are competitive because the free app that is relatively very surprising in functions. Keeper Security, Inc. offers the Windows as well as MAC application, which allows you to manage the account details and information more efficiently. Keeper Best Password Manager works in conjunction with the browser extensions that are easily available on Windows such as Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. All you need is to provide your login info before entering into the vault. The app is perfect for the Android and provides Web-based facility. The Keeper Company also allows its users to avail the Keeper Backup for the perfect help.

Get to know about Keeper app

Keeper app helps to secure password and one of the best digital vault used by various individuals and businesses. The users will be able to manage and protect the documents, pictures, videos and other related secret information. The world-class security is fanatical and protects the information for the millions of people. Best keeper app protects the most sensitive information and stops the hackers to track the information.

It lets the user to lock the passwords instantly with keeping the photos and information encrypted and safe.

Features of Keeper App

Following are the best features of keeper app.

  • Best password keeper and manager
  • Store passwords with ultra-powerful encryption
  • Allows to organize and save unlimited passwords
  • Also, generate passwords for accounts anytime you want
  • Auto fills the passwords in websites and apps with the inbuilt Keeper Fill.
  • Allows protecting the private information from data theft and hacking
  • Effortless security

Easy to use mobile features – Keeper App

Keepers layout and look is very consistent on all devices. The users of a smartphone can avail additional features.  If someone enters the password for more than five times, then the app will wipe all the data after the five failed login attempts. However, the app will not affect any data in Cloud.

The mobile app uses the built-in browser with complete control of the browser. App does not automate the process of changing passwords because it lets you avail features in a limited way.

Digital Vault

Keeper app offers password management capabilities and allows user to use digital vault. The digital vault does not create a data record for particular purpose to get the file into the secure storage. The file you created will be available on all devices you will synchronize the information. You can download the app as required and share with your friends, which will help others to use it accordingly.

Keeper app on Android is available for download by clicking here.

Keeper App Free Password Manager

keeper App Security Reviews

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