5 best free Android games of 2023

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Best Free Android Games Apps of 2023

Every Android user loves to kill boredom with a free game. But Android store is filled with many free games which lead to confusion and end up with uninstallation. Even though the process does not cost you anything, but it is best to stay away from the mess especially with the terrible games. So what are you looking for? The best free android games list gathered by Android Power Hub gives you great advice to consider. The list is lengthy, but we have shortlisted the best free android games 2023 which you need to consider for sure. So try out these quick games and play them to have a joyful time.

Hopeless: the dark cave – Best Free Android Games

Are you a fan of adventurous games then the combination of cuteness, comedy, and horror will surely be enjoyed by you? An endless fight with the monsters let you have great fun. Make sure to collect coins and keep your weapons upgraded because you need to dive in the middle of the dark cave. Remember to keep cute little creatures alive. The game is not designed for faint-hearted people but is perfect for the brave ones.

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Hopeless - The Dark Cave

Angry Birds 2 – Best Free Android Games

Want to enjoy endless variation? Then play a whole new series of Angry Birds. The game is available free to download. It will attract your attention with the controversy. The strategy to make fall the structures is amazing. The best free android games own challenging stages accompanied with stunning graphics and more destruction. Keep your eyes open and mind alert to follow the ultimate strategy. The game possesses multi-stage levels in which you have to defeat boss piggies. Therefore, challenge other players and have fun playing.

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Angry Birds 2 App

Twist  –  Best Free Android Games

Are you looking for a serious fun or challenge? Then twist will surely be a challenge for you. The goal of the game is to get a ball, and you need to twist the ball so that it stays on tiles. You need to master the skills to roll the ball then you will surely have a blast. The clicks and moves need to be accurate. Keep your eyes on the game so that you will not miss the tile.

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Twist Android app

Plants VS Zombies 2 – Best Free Android Games

If you have not played Plants vs. Zombie 2 yet, then you have not tasted the real fun. The game is a sequel of the most popular and successful game series. The strategic game is a mind game that allows you to plant optimally that fire bullet to kill zombies. The plants help to stop zombies from eating your brain. Yes, you will probably spend more time on this attractive and amazing game. The app offers in-app purchases to guarantee unlimited fun.

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Plants vs Zombies 2

Two dots – Best Free Android Games

If you want to kill the boredom, TwoDots, the best free android games are the ultimate solution. All you need is to connect the dot and make them disappear. This is the favorite game of Android users in which the player has to combine a certain amount of colored dots in limited moves to progress in level. The game design is cute, nice and minimalist to make you feel relax.

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Two Dots Puzzle Game


Are you up for challenging games? Then try out the amazing and best free android games. They are free to download and will let you have endless fun. Stay connected to Android Power Hub and leave your views in comments.