Clearing Out the Cache: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Browser

Using a web browser is something that we do every day. But do you understand what is going on behind the scenes? Clearing out the cache of your web browser may be a small but essential task that you’ve missed.

You may have heard of cookies in relation to your web browser. Cookies are small pieces of data that record information from each visit to a website. They are stored in the browser’s cache, ready to be recalled on your next visit to that site.

Cookies are designed to allow you a smoother experience when you return to that website. In many cases, they can be helpful. But cookies do come with some downsides too.

Many people worry about how cookies affect their privacy as well as their online security. But in these cases, what does clearing cache data do?

In this article, we’ll be answering the question, “why is it important to clear cache and cookies?” and we’ll tell you ten things you didn’t know about your browser.

clearing out the cache

1. There are Three Main Types of Cookie

There are three main types of cookie. It is essential to understand them all and how they are used.

Session Cookies

Session cookies are only stored for the duration of your visit to that particular website. Once you leave the site, they are automatically deleted.

This type of cookie is very commonly found in e-commerce sites where it is essential for information to be passed between pages.

Stored Cookie

A stored cookie will store information such as your login credentials. It does this to make it easier for you to access that website again in the future. It will also save some information about a web page to help it load quickly on your next visit.

Third-Party Cookies

Third-party cookies are also referred to as tracking cookies. This type of cookie will look at your online behavior and pass on information to advertisers. Third-party cookies are often the reason that you’ll start seeing ads for products you have previously searched for.

2. Zombie Cookies Cannot Die

Certain third-party cookies are often called Zombie Cookies. The problematic cookies never die. Just like zombies in the movies, when you try and kill them, they just respawn.

Zombie Cookies use Quantcast technology and are used for marketing purposes.

Fortunately, after websites that used them went through lawsuits, it is now easier to delete these nasty trackers.

3. Clearing Out the Cache Maximizes Speed and Performance

Although cookies are very small, the more sites that you visit, the more data you amass. Having a large cache can have an impact on the speed and performance of your computer or device.

Clearing out your cache will help to speed up your browsing experience.

4. Cookies Can Pose a Security Risk

Because some internet cookies will store your login credentials, there is a risk of other users accessing your usernames and passwords for the sites that you visit.

There have been instances of hackers hijacking cookies to gain access to login credentials for sites such as Facebook.

By regularly cleaning out your cache, you will be able to minimize the risk of this happening to you.

5. Clearing Your Cache Can Fix Browser Errors

If you find that there are websites that don’t seem to load fully, everything is running slow, or that you’re getting error messages frequently from your browser, these issues could relate to your cache.

Clearing your cache may fix all of these problems.

6. Clearing Your Cache is a Good Idea on Shared Computers

If you use a shared computer, you are leaving information about your browsing history and your login credentials on the computer for others to find.

Because some cookies will store usernames and passwords, it is possible that other users will be able to auto-fill your details onto the system.

7. Improved Viewing of Recently Viewed Pages

Although cookies are designed to help pages load quicker on subsequent visits, there are times when they have the opposite effect.

Because cookies save information about websites to make them load quicker, if there have been changes to the site since the last visit, it may mean that you end up looking at an older version of the site.

It is advisable to clear your cache occasionally so that you get an improved experience when browsing.

8. Cookies Make Browsing Faster and Easier

When cookies work, they work well. Cookies allow for pages that you have previously visited to load much quicker.

That said, in the age of high-speed internet, most websites are designed to load in less than three seconds anyway, so if you are worried that clearing your cache will affect your page load speeds, it won’t make too much difference.

9. Cookies Make E-Commerce Possible

Where cookies do come in useful is in e-commerce transactions. As previously mentioned, session cookies are used as a way of pages communicating information with each other.

This information will include login credentials as well as information about products you have viewed or added to your basket.

There is no need to worry about deleting this type of cookie as they automatically delete themselves after each visit.

10. Cookies Are Easy to Delete

To improve the security of your computer, follow this simple guide to clear cookies from your Mac.

To delete your cookies on Google Chrome, simply head to “Settings” and then select “Privacy and Security” and “Clear Browsing Data.”

On Internet Explorer, head to “Tools,” then “Safety,” and then “Delete Browsing History.”

Should I Clear My Cache?

If you are wondering whether clearing out the cache is going to help you and your browsing experience, the answer is yes.

Clearing your cache improves the speed, performance, security, and privacy of your browser. Your experience will not be negatively affected by deleting your cookies. If you want android phone Cache delete Then visit Best Android apps

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