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Android Power Hub was confused to write on this topic but was unable to find the appropriate app to suggest the readers. The website does not suggest any app until unless it is not gone through the trail run. The first wine scanning app hit the Google Store three years before which identifies the wine from photography by using the smartphone. We cannot deny that these delectable wine apps are great pieces of engineering and will undoubtedly improve with the innovation in smartphones and technology.

So delectable wine app is one of the major upgrade introduced in the Google store. It is a perfect addition to shop, which allows the users to buy wine by using the smartphone, and it will be delivered accordingly. Delectable is a great app, which only operates currently in the US and is great to use. So find out the features and its potential system that delectable is the editor’s choice app.

Why use delectable?

Delectable is a free wine app on iPhone and Android. It works great and owns the sleek design. It is the app, which is favored by many sommeliers, wine journalists as well as winemakers. Individuals must be knowledgeable enough to know that what they are drinking. This will surely be a great strength of the people instead of being addictive.

How does it work?

Delectable is a fast app. It is exceptionally designed for wine lovers. The app is efficient to identify the photos of the wine within seconds and shows the additional details, which include the grape, variety, region, the name of wine, and even the price. If you want to transfer the buying app, then Banquet is the best alternative. It is only available in the US, is linked with many independent shops, allows making a search by ratings, price, and region, and even allows ordering your favorite wine.

Pros of delectable

Following are the pros of delectably, which will assist you to know the delectable wine.

  • It is a great app, with which you can keep in touch especially when someone around you is drinking,
  • You can read the reviews, ratings and even prices of wine with just one scan.
  • The user can comment and like the friend’s wine selection as well as tag friends along with locations.
  • It allows you to find how many wines you have rated.
  • If somehow the app wrongly identifies the win then you can submit the details for manual review.
  • It allows individuals to submit the tasting review.
  • The app allows you to edit the review.

Perfect for tech savvy users

The label reading technology embedded in the delectable app has made it to next level. Delectable is ideal for the Instagram fans, and wine lovers simply love it. You can upload the wine photos, and the app recognizes the regions, varietals, vintages and much more. It makes the shopping of the wine easy by getting to know the rating and the taste reviews. It is free for all iPhone and Android users.

Raise a glass

The various mobile apps will surely help you find the right wine along with the food pairing. It is perfect and ideal to be used on every occasion. Get the editor’s choice app now.

You can download the delectable wine app by clicking here.

Delectable Wine - Scan & RateDelectable Wine App Reviews

Delectable Wine App Reviews