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free games without WiFi or internet

Free Games Without WiFi For Android

No Wi-Fi? No Problem. The game developers have provided an ultimate benefit to the users that they can enjoy free games without WiFi or data availability on the smartphones. No Wi-Fi Games are the most entertaining advantage you will get to kill the boredom. Most of the time when you are in an area with no data connection availability, then free games without WiFi or internet comes handy. Luckily, has gathered the best and top 7 fun free games without WiFi.

No Wi-Fi Games allows the players to challenge themselves anywhere by providing the fun. Most of the time, the in-app purchases, or the games with internet are fun spoilers and charge you a lot. Therefore, no wi-Fi games 2020, provides the ultimate service and are best android games. Check them out.

free download games for android without WiFi

1 – Assassin’s Creed Rebellion Adventure RPG – Games Without WiFi

The high-quality game has mastered in the piracy scenario, and the credit goes to Assassin’s Creed Rebellion. The battles in the game are simple yet realistic. Being a gamer, you will get a chance to enjoy thrilling and adventurous play because it one of the free games without WiFi connection. With no Wi-Fi games, navigating ships is exciting and allows you to raise money so that you can reward the crew.

As you proceed in game, enemies will become wiser and harder to defeat. However, the battling game is beautiful and integrated with gameplay mechanics so that you can enjoy fullest.

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Assassins Creed Rebellion Adventure RPG

2 – Racing Moto – Games Without WiFi

Racing Moto, one of the no Wi-Fi games, is truly a fun or a boredom killer that is among the highest rated Android gaming list. The game is a simple racing game embedded with great visuals, graphics, and sound. All you got is a motorcycle and have to go fast by enabling the boost feature. Do put your finger on screen and get set go. Remember to avoid cars and walls. Do take the power-ups for the score multiplier.

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Racing Moto - no Wi-Fi games3 – Marvel Contest of Champions – Games Without WiFi

One of the newest releases, no Wi-Fi games is a complicated game. It is advisable that only the fans of Contest of Champions must try the game because they can understand the tactics of Contest of Champions. However, you will get a chance to have endless fun, especially in the running mode. The compelling tricks will allow you to proceed in the game with variations in costumes and character. Just avail the fun in the story mode by smashing the face if a villain.

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Marvel Contest of Champions

4 – Street Racing 3D App – Games Without WiFi

Who does not love the dreamy story especially when a snail is involved in a racing game? Street Racing`s featured amazing story is compelling, and the game lets you have additional focus. Enjoy the game with friendship characters but beware because every episode presents new villain. So own the potential to handle falls, crashes, and blows with the gaming tricks. Silly farting noises, poop jokes and other humor will keep the kid`s interest.

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Street Racing 3D App

5 – Gangster Vegas – mafia game – Games Without WiFi

Gangster Vegas is a digital game that is assisting the gamers from a long time with fun, excitement, and adventure. The presence of Gangster game ensures hitting in many situations. Many people love playing gangsters game because they cannot play the similar part in real life. Enjoy racing, theft and shooting in the city . Save people from gangsters and ensure an ultimate treat.

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Gangstar Vegas - mafia game without wifi game6 – Despicable Me: Minion Rush – Games Without WiFi

Despicable Me is a great No Wi-Fi games. The game offers endless running track. It is entirely based on the theme and characters of Despicable Me 2. The minion in the game is not chased by any enemy but had to run for fun. You might get confused after seeing obstacles, but you will get a chance to enjoy silliness and kids will love the game. However, you do not have to make in-app purchases, but you have to log in with a Facebook account to compete against friends. So get in the game to enjoy endless fun.

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Minion Rush without wifi Games7 – Ice Age Adventures – Games Without WiFi

Are you a fan of Ice Age Adventures? You will probably love to enjoy it is No Wi-Fi games. The games of Ice age varied in categories. You can enjoy the puzzle game or have adventurous fun with the infinite series. It provides a platform where you can start building the city with basic element and have endless fun. Your tasks vary according to the characters you choose. So get lost in the love of Ice Age because no Wi-Fi games own star-studded features.

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Ice Age Adventures - Free Games with No WiFi


There you have the best list of Games Without WiFi that do not need any reliable data connection or internet service. So play them as much as you can because Free no Wi-Fi games let you have ultimate fun.

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