5 Tips for Designing Ads for Your Watch Company

Once upon a time, almost everyone wore a watch on a daily basis. It was the only surefire way for people to keep tabs on what time it was.

But in this day and age, only about one-third of Americans rely on a watch to keep track of time. The vast majority of people choose to use their smartphones to check out what time it is at any given moment instead.

This has presented an interesting challenge for all the watch companies out there. They have to go about designing ads in a different way these days since it’s not as easy as it used to be to entice people to purchase watches.

Here are five ad design tips that you should put to good use when you’re designing an ad for a watch that your company sells.

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1. Make the Watch That You’re Pushing the Star of the Show

If you look at the advertisement design for almost any watch-related ad, you’ll notice that they all have one thing in common: They make the watch that’s being advertised the star of the show. It’s typically featured in a very prominent way and often blown up to be even bigger than it is in person.

Watch companies go about designing ads for watches like this because it allows these watches to shine and makes them feel very important. You should take this approach when designing an advertisement for the watch that you’re trying to sell to people.

2. Capture the Watch From the Right Angle

What are the best features of your watch? Whether it’s the detailed face on it or the sparkly band that holds it in place, you should play up the best features of your watch by capturing it from the right angle in your ad design.

There are some companies that will photograph a watch head-on and others that will shoot it from the side at an angle. You should decide which angle is going to work best based on your specific watch.

3. Give the Watch a Luxurious Look and Feel

A lot of the watches on the market today are luxury items. If yours falls into this category, you should make it look and feel as luxurious as you can.

One good way to do this is by surrounding it with other luxury items. See if there are any online free images of these kinds of items that you can incorporate into your ad design.

4. Use the Right Font to Sell the Watch (Top Designing Ads)

You can make the ad design for a watch look and feel as luxurious as you want. But if you don’t use the right font for any of the words that you’re going to run alongside the photo of your watch, it could all be for naught.

Make it your mission to find a font that is going to look like class personified. It’ll help you sell your watch hard while also informing people as far as what makes it so special.

5. Consider Featuring a Celebrity Wearing the Watch

If your watch company can afford to hire a celebrity to help you sell a watch, you should by all means do it! You’ll see a lot of celebs featured in watch advertisements—and for good reason.

Including a celeb in the ad design for a watch often makes the watch look and feel even more luxurious than it already is. It’ll take your design advertisement to the next level.

Make Your Watches a Huge Hit by Designing Ads That Work Well for Them

As we mentioned earlier, not everyone is wearing watches anymore. This has forced many watch companies to work harder than they used to have to in order to sell their watches.

One of the ways you can make your watches a huge hit is by designing ads that people are going to love for them. Use the tips found here to do just that.

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