What Are the Different Types of Sports Betting That Exist Today?

The game of sports betting has been on the slope of evolution for all its existence. It has changed so much over the years, one can get lost in all of the opportunities.

Nonetheless, one will quickly come to realize that neither of the wager methods is better than another. They simply cater to different audiences and analytics capacities.

In this article, we will cover the more common types of sports betting, starting with spread betting and ending with parimutuel betting.

types of sports betting

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What Is Spread Betting?

Through an example of spread betting, we can quickly come to realize that it is a very dynamic type of wager. One can bet on a sport, which has a direct relation to the logistics of stocks and shares, currencies, and/or commodities.

By using spread betting, a player can have the opportunity to try their expertise in a world, which has been previously unknown to the general public and was only used within the city worker communities.

Even though spread betting has been exemplified in the closed societies for a while, now it has become a new way for people to bet on various market changes, rather than the outcome of a single event.

For example, a traditional bet is placed on the outcome of an event with a fixed-odds price, which has been set in stone by a sportsbook/bookmarker. But in spread betting, your success is dependent on how accurately you can predict the process of how close the game will be.

If a game is listed at 12, you will be betting on the concept of your team winning or losing by more or less than 12 points. If you bet under your team, and then come out to win with 112 – 100, you shall win the bet. But if your team wins, and goes over the 12 points or under – you will lose.

What Is Exchange Betting?

One of the primarily notorious sports bets, stemming from mainland England, where an exchange was held at a betting bazaar. An exchange being, and even where players could place a bet against or for a player, team, or horse.

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You can either be the bookmaker or the bettor. A player can lay or bac kan outcome, which is now done in real-time throughout an event. Whereas, in the past, it was done over the phone or in-person at a booth.

Some players will bet on both sides, supporting a selection, in which they are confident they can win on or lay on something they know they cannot win.

Exchanges make money by taking a betting commission from a winning bet.

What Is Daily Fantasy Betting?

DFS, also known as, daily fantasy sports is the sublet of a fantasy sports game, which has been around for about 80 years.

With any traditional fantasy sport, a player will build a team of pro players, which exist in real life and will compete against other custom teams.

DFS is a sped-up version of a traditional league, which can be fulfilled all within a single day. Fantasy golf, hockey, basketball, soccer, baseball, congress – you name it, DFS has got it.

Bets can be made on a per-game basis or instilled within a collective scheme of an event or tournament.

What Is In-Play Betting?

In-Play, also known as live betting has had a tremendous impact on the world of sports betting. In the past, bets could sometimes take too long to register, making you miss out on a play.

Whereas now, a better can see a predictable outcome of a game, before they even register their bets. In-play bets are really fun, as they allow you to enjoy a game in real-time while increasing your odds – based on personal analysis.

Odds are quickly adjusted in the live feed, so it’s adamant to know the timing schedule for updates, or just stick with your team – knowing that the risk will have to stagnate until the odds increase.

Another benefit of in-play sports betting is your ability to cash-out within a play, so if your selection is winning, you will be able to cash-out your profits from the sportsbook, even if it is lower than a potential final outcome winning amount.

What Is Fixed Odds Sports Betting?

Fixed-odds betting covers a whole spectrum of various types of sports betting. As countries used their own money lines, fractional or decimal odds.

A money line is seen in the USA, for sports like basketball and football. It can be a positive or negative value, and not connected to a point spread. So if an odd is better than even, a figure will be displayed, based on a $100 wager. So 2/1 would be +200, and 1/2 would be -200.

Decimal odds can be seen in Europe, and Canada – they always are based on an equivalent of a $1 stake, so the odds of 2/1 would be 3, and 5/2 would be 3.5, so on and so forth.

Fractional odds can be seen in the USA, UK, and Ireland – in horse racing, where an odd of two-to-one = 2/1. So if you place a $20 bet, and it wins – your return would be $60 (2/1 = 40 + $20 stake)

What Is Parimutuel Betting?

On-track betting, also known as parimutuel betting – is not simply a title. It means mutual betting, deriving from French. And explains the system, in which the bets are collected together with the possible winning odds, which are calculated by a share of the overall amount with the winning bets.

For example, a fixed-odds bet on a horse race – it can remain a short price. 8/5 – meaning the bookmaker will believe they have a winning chance.

In parimutuel – if this horse does not have enough financial support behind it, the price will skyrocket at a faster rate of appreciation.

Various Types of Sports Betting to Satisfy All

Now that we have covered the more common types of sports betting, you are well on your way to securing and discovering the best type of wager for yourself.

The world of sports betting is plentiful, and there is so much to go around. Do some research, find what you enjoy the most and stick to it. After all, this is all for fun. Get More Sports Betting Article Visit Here