7 Common iPhone Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid for New Users

Telephones used to be simple. Dial a phone number and you were connected by voice to another person at the end of the receiver.

But the age of smartphones has brought on a host of new features that come with their fair share of required maintenance. If you’re an Apple user, beware of these 7 iPhone maintenance mistakes to get the most out of your device.

7 Common iPhone Maintenance

  1. Turn Power Off

Your iPhone does need to reset from time to time. This doesn’t require a hard reset to factory settings, but simply being powered off for a few minutes each week.

You’d be surprised at the number of glitches that get fixed simply by giving every app on your phone a chance for a fresh start. If you can start turning your phone off once a day, you’d really be winning.

Why turn your phone off? Similar to computers, your phone can get overworked by constantly being in work mode. Think of the time your phone is on like a marathon.

You don’t want your phone on an endless marathon of tasks through the weeks because it’ll slowly start to affect how the phone handles data. You might notice small glitches or freezing while you’re using it.

Do your phone a favor and be proactive to avoid these symptoms.

  1. Not Charging Correctly

Charging your phone overnight is convenient, but it isn’t good iPhone Maintenance. You’ll risk overcharging your device which can damage the battery over time.

iPhones use a lithium battery which performs best with around 50 to 80 percent battery life.

Recharge your battery once the phone reaches around 50 percent battery life instead. Once it reaches 100 percent or close, go ahead and unplug it to keep your battery in top condition.

You also want to avoid waiting until your battery dies to recharge your phone. It can cause something called deep discharge state which prevents ions in your phone’s battery from maintaining a charge.

  1. Ignoring Hot Days

The weather outside can be treacherous for smartphone users. Avoid taking your phone into any conditions you wouldn’t bring your computer into.

This includes rain, snow, or extreme heat. Many people ignore iPhone maintenance by leaving their phones in hot cars for long periods of time.

This is a major no-no and will leave to damage if you do it too often. How do you know if it’s too hot?

Most iPhones alert you when the temperature is too hot to function. Typically, it’s too late when you receive this notice.

Try keeping your phone out of direct sunlight in your car. Leave it in a compartment or bag until you reach a safe place to take it out.

  1. Knockoff Accessories

Avoid cheap knockoff accessories for Apple products. Unregulated products can cause things like power surges to your phone that renders the battery useless.

Look for Apple-certified products or purchase chargers and accessories from the Apple Store. There will be moments when you need a charger in a pinch such as when traveling or when you’re away from power.

But keep in mind that these chargers only need once to damage your phone. You might get away with a one-time charge, but it’s best to seek out a credible charger for extended charging needs.

  1. Having Too Many Notifications

Looking for the fastest way to drain your battery? Turn on push notifications for all your apps.

Sales from your favorite retail store aren’t an emergency. Part of iPhone maintenance is making sure you preserve your battery life for what you actually have a phone for: making calls.

Also, be sure to clear your cache to preserve battery life using the information here https://androidpowerhub.com/

  1. Not Using a Case

The iPhone is sleek, no doubt. The chrome logo on the back looks amazing against your space grey, blue or black backdrop.

But you still need a case. It won’t be as cool looking, but it’ll protect your phone from sudden impact to the floor or table if it gets dropped.

Not all cases are created equal. You want a case that is made of shock-absorbent material. If you ever drop your phone on its corner where it’s most vulnerable, the case absorbs the impact.

Usually the bulkier the phone case the better protection you’ll get. Choose your case based on how and where you plan to use the phone.

If it’ll be hanging out of your back pocket while you work on ladders all day, a thicker case might make sense. If you don’t use the phone often, consider a slim case design so it fits easier into all your pockets.

  1. Ignoring Updates

Your iPhone won’t nag you about updates like a Macbook. But you could be leaving room for bugs to infiltrate your software by ignoring important updates.

Take advantage of new features offered by Apple to optimize the performance of your device. The best time to update your phone is overnight.

These updates take a lot of time and force restarts that can disrupt phone calls during the day. Make sure your phone is plugged into power before starting the update.

iPhone Maintenance Costs

Most iPhone maintenance is free. It’s a matter of simply taking control of your device and treating it like the tiny computer that it is.

You can take it to an iPhone repair shop to optimize it’s performance further but most maintenance you do at home is perfectly ok.

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