TOP 7 Best ALPHABET KIDS APPS For Android Device



Game based learning is a sort of amusement play that has characterized learning results. For the most part, amusement based learning is intended to adjust topic with gaming which is presently a new formation to develop the kid’s ability in to the path of education.
Secondly, this also helps to boost the kid’s creativity. Through these 7 latest technology apps kid’s can learn their initial stage education in a fun and quicker way. At last, here is a content that is generally engaging the kids which will help them to learn in a fun way.


Some of the top 7 alphabet kid’s apps are highlighted below


Educational Games for Kids

Educational Games for Kids Apps

Though this app your children will learn quick the letters in order, numbers, hues, shapes, and days of the week, months of the year, planets of our nearby planetary group, space and significantly more.
Because this instructive amusement indicates kids the letter set-letters and shows them to perceive letters as they show up. Subsequently, preschooler’s kids take in the letters sounds substantially more quickly. kids alphabet games free download

Educational Games for Kids


ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics

ABC Kids - Tracing & Phonics

ABC Kids is more than only a child amicable instructive application; it was planned in light of grown-up cooperation, as well. The interface keeps little children concentrated on letter set perusing and composing, hiding menu charges from moving fingers. Grown-ups without  a teacher and learn efficiently in a fun form at home is a best key point for a kid plus flip following and phonics amusements are additional points in this app. ABCD learning for kids free downloads

ABC Kids - Tracing & Phonics App


ABC Kids Phonics Learn English

Download ABC Kids Phonics Learn AppLearn ABC, Numbers, Phonics, Rhymes, Alphabets, Vehicles, Fruits, and Shapes through this active app. ABC Kids are COMPLETELY FREE and can Play ONLINE or OFFLINE. ABC Kids Phonics Learn is more than only a child cordial instructive application; it was planned in light of grown-up support, as well. best alphabet apps for 2 year olds


ABC Kids Phonics Learn App

Kids ABC Letter Trains (Lite)

Kids ABC Letter Trains (Lite)Kids ABC Letter Trains Lite is an app which welcomes preschool-matured to learn and get comfortable with the English letters utilizing trains and railways as their devices. With Kids ABC Letter Trains Lite, children can learn letter set letters, Compose the letters, Distinguish letters and can easily coordinate lower and capitalized letters. Download best alphabet apps for 3 year olds


Kids ABC Letter Trains App

ABC for Kids – Learn Alphabet

ABCD for kids Learning games

ABC for Kids Apps – Learn Alphabet this app is one of the best instructive amusements for children which give learning letter set and following letters in a lively way so preschoolers learn ABC and letter sound rapidly, effortlessly and with a considerable measure of fun. Kids Apps Download

ABCD for kids - Learning games for toddlers

Kids ABC and Counting

Kids ABC and Counting

Last but not the least this app is the spot riddles of charming pictures while taking in the English letter set, tallying numbers and straightforward expansion and subtraction math’s from 1 to 20 and help to increase the memory abilities of a kid. ABC and Counting Game Download


Kids ABC and Counting App


ABC for Kids Learn Alphabet

abc for Kids Learn Alphabet

Presently learning letter sets will be simpler with this new ABC for Kids Learn Alphabet app diversion, through this a child can coordinate energized letters with phonics sounds so preschool children will become a master in English elocution of consonants and vowels. All letters are capitalized and also bring down case with dashed line with the number so it can easily understandable for a child to follow letters in order plus it will help your child creativity and help them outside the classroom.

ABC for Kids Learn Alphabet App