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Facebook Wi-Fi Check-in

In the technology era, there would be no person who will not be well aware of the giant social platform Facebook. Recently, Facebook got success in achieving 2 billion users on its platform. The amazing social websites allow you to connect with your loved ones with just a click. However, Facebook never stops evolving. It not only owns the ability to share and connect with people but shows ultimate care of its users.

So to try the new feature, you must have a Facebook login. If you have not signed up, then try login. login access is easy and requires simple steps. You can access Facebook login mobile for the immediate sign-up. Android JV will guide you to use the best feature, which is released recently.

Facebook new Wi-Fi feature

Facebook new Wi-Fi feature

The new feature is exceptionally designed to help the smartphone and Android user to get access to the Wi-Fi networks. All you need is to have Facebook Login. The feature is available from last year but is highlighted now and lets you find Wi-Fi public networks as well. Facebook announced that Android devices would also get access.

Facebook new feature lets you assist in the area where you are traveling with scarce cellular data. Tool will emerge powerfully along with Facebook Login. Let us guide you with the newest addition after Facebook login.

Click here to download the Facebook app for sign up or Facebook Login.

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Guide for Facebook Login

Guide for Facebook Login

Try Facebook Login, and then feature is found under MORE tab in Facebook mobile app. when you will locate the FIND Wi-Fi Tab just turn it on. You will be directed to the map if you are already signed in with the account. Otherwise Facebook Login is essential. Map will display all the latest and closest hotspots and will show the details as well.

Advantage of new Wi-Fi Feature

Advantage of new Wi-Fi Feature

The new feature of Wi-Fi proves to be reliable especially for the local businesses. Users will switch to Facebook to locate the closest coffee shop by using the Wi-Fi feature instead of opening and waiting for Google Maps to locate. Remember mileage does vary in searching the Wi-Fi or any locality.

Claim the Wi-Fi network

If any of the business has not claimed the Wi-Fi network, then users of Facebook will not be able to pick up the location or find it easily. Therefore, any company must need to assert their Wi-Fi network by navigating to EDIT PAGE INFO. Facebook login is necessary, or you can access Facebook login mobile. The feature proves to be a good option during tests starting last year. It is available globally and will be adopted by many people in less time.

Why use Facebook feature?

Yes, you may be amazed that there are many apps lets you find Wi-Fi near me. These apps work optimally in many regions, but Facebook feature provides immediate assistance where apps like Yelp is not functioning.

Without authentic Facebook login, you may not access the feature. It might be possible that new feature of Facebook lets the users check in or update the status automatically as soon as you do search for Wi-Fi.

Users can also filter their search and narrow down the selections.

Facebook app Reviews

Facebook app ReviewsSigning off

Get your Facebook Login and try out the new amazing FIND Wi-Fi feature. Stay connected to Android JV.