Learn secrets of Google Now Voice Commands – OK Google

Google Now is the essential part of Android smartphones that makes the experience of the user more prominent. Google Now is providing service for years, but people are still unaware because of the recognition of Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri. However, Google Now voice commands are best AI-powered commands, which will be activated as you press and hold the home key for more than 3 or 4 seconds. This will automatically open the Google Now interface and allows the user to use the feature on their smartphones. Ok, Google is one of the exciting development and the most useful service.

Google Now Voice CommandsWhat is OK Google Now?

OK Google now is a personal assistant for the smartphone users and have introduced a significant advancement over the last years. Google Now is packed with amazing features, which will make the life easy. Turn on the OK Google to interact with Google Now by using specific voice commands. If you are not using this Android feature, then it will surely convince you to use it efficiently after first use.

What OK Google can do?

OK Google Voice commands allow you to create reminders and perform certain tasks. You can easily send an email by using command okay google send an email. The response of the voice assistant is natural. However, you have to use various commands to perform particular tasks. OK Google is followed by a task or question. For example “OK Google, Now Help me with any delicious recipe.” You will get a variety of options to follow.

Setting up OK Google

If you are still not convinced of Google Now feature then let us help you to set it up so that you can get the most advantage of it. Many new smartphones are equipped with OK Google, and it is enabled by default. If you want to turn it on manually, then all you need is the Google app. Open Google app and personalize the settings according to the search activity or location.

Now just launch the app and open menu present at the top left. Click on Settings and navigate to Google Voice Commands submenu then click on OK Google detection. Make sure that the option must be enabled.

Relevant commands

Important OK Google commands list is not so long, but they will help you to do tasks easily. You have to follow a specific syntax to fulfill the task such as

  • OK Google Call (Name of the contact)
  • OK Google what does (Subject or object) mean
  • Text (Name of contact) (message to the contact)
  • Send email to (Name of contact), subject (subject of message), message (message to be added to email), full stop
  • Show me emails from (Name of contact)
  • Post to (social network name) that (status update message)
  • Video call (Name of contact) using Hangouts
  • Listen to voicemail

OK Google Voice CommandsTo set a reminder of to use events via Google Voice commands you have to follow the specific syntax which is as follows.

  • Remind me to (do the task)
  • Set the alarm for (particular time)
  • Create a calendar event for (task) in (location), (day) at (time)
Use it now

Users can use the amazing OK Google feature for entertainment, navigation, change the settings or searching options. It is believed that being an Android user, you must try it because it will boost the productivity and will change your lifestyle.

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