Software on Demand: Top 7 Best Web-Based Software for Your Business

In this information age, software is an invaluable asset for all types of businesses. In fact, software has the most workload of all our business activities. Think of all accounting, record-keeping, payroll management, and communication operations software does for businesses.

Even tiny businesses need software—both software on demand and onsite software— for day to day operations. We bet you can’t name one business that doesn’t use spreadsheets. Some business software is free, so it makes no sense not to have it.

However, the greatest challenge business owner’s face is choosing what software will be most effective for their particular businesses. Don’t worry, we’ve created this article to guide you on that issue.

In this piece, we’ll look at seven incredible web-based software solutions you should consider to take your business to greater heights.

Best Web-Based Software

What Is Software On Demand?

Many businesses are embracing on-demand software. This move is mainly because these software solutions have tons of beneficial features and also have incredible functionality.

Software on demand is a software distribution model handled under a vendor’s cloud platform. On-demand software is interchangeably referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS) or cloud-based software.

How Does On-Demand Software Work

On-demand software is for businesses and individuals alike. Businesses get to use software for a specific period, and the vendor bills them for their periodic use. In doing so, companies don’t have to purchase complete software for their businesses.

Purchasing software could be pretty expensive, especially for all individual computers in the firm. Apart from being cost-effective, here are some other benefits of software on demand.

  1. Easier to update– because the vendors host the software, a business can easily get updates without you having to do anything.
  2. Customizable– with on-demand software, you can tweak it easily, so it fits your company’s particular needs.
  3. Simple interface– on-demand software is more straightforward since you use the browser as your interface.

The Best Web-Based Software for Businesses

Web-based software is the biggest trend for business software in 2020. Cloud computing is a marvel of the information age. Most of us are already familiar with Dropbox, iCloud, and other cloud storage solutions.

For businesses, cloud computing takes a more significant role. In fact, it is what gives some businesses a competitive edge over others. Here are seven of the best web-based software you should consider for your business.

1. Asana

Asana is a work management application that is just what the doctor ordered for project managers and other execs. Asana helps you organize all projects across various departments and wings. The software then unifies all components of the project for the project’s ultimate success.

Asana facilitates cross-platform connections across different members and groups. It also makes tracking of project-related information, scheduling, and reporting very easy. Everything concerning the project becomes easily accessible and transparent with Asana.

Gone are the days when you have to sift through hundreds of pages or spreadsheets to get particular project information. You can embed all project-related files to the Asana and make them easily accessible to everyone.

There’s a free version of Asana, which can only allow fifteen members and has limited features. The complete version charges $10 per month.

2. CloudPhone

Starting your own business can be pretty overwhelming. When you start it on the right foot, and it expands, it gets even more overwhelming, especially because phone calls start coming from everywhere.

CloudPhone is basically a program that centralizes all your phone calls to one computer. Back in the day, you’d need an entire phone system like a PBX system. With the advent of a cloud, you could have a cloud-based phone.

Thanks to CloudPhone, you don’t need all those phone boxes and wires, which are pretty expensive. This system comes with all the functionality of a telephone system. You can route calls, have conference calls, and automated call services like customer service.

CloudPhone services start at $12 per month but can reach $30 depending on the vendor.

3. Drip

We can best describe drip as the software that automates all marketing through customer interactions. However, that definition doesn’t sufficiently capture what Drip truly entails.

Drip facilitates interactions with customers via email. However, it’s more than just a marketing email. Drip creates a whole customer-specific marketing campaign from these emails.

Drip is free for 100 subscribers or less, and then you’ll have to pay $43 per month for 100-2500 subscribers.

4. Microsoft Sharepoint

Sharepoint by Microsoft helps businesses manage documents. The software stores company documents in a more organized and systematic manner than regular storage. Free Download Microsoft Word

It makes day-to-day business operations very simple. It also facilitates seamless online collaboration between different groups and even whole businesses. You can read online explainers that show you the ropes of using SharePoint.

5. Airtable

You can best describe Airtable as a mix of DBMS and spreadsheets. Airtable is an information manager with incredible flexibility.

You can store information, organize it, and distribute it among all concerned parties and distributors. You can manipulate the data in various forms. Plus, you get a lot of templates for organizing your data.

6. Approval Donkey

Sometimes, small two-minute approvals can stall entire projects. Approval donkey is an app that makes approvals easier by centralizing them and setting reminders for those higher up.

It can integrate with apps through Zapier for even faster authorization. Set up your custom approval flow and let Approval Donkey handle the rest.

The free version allows up to three workflows, but you have to pay thirteen dollars a month for anything extra.

7. Help Scouts

Happy customers are at the core of every successful business. Help Scout makes it easier to interact with your customers so you can help them with their questions or listen to their recommendations.

Every customer gets a ticket, which is a unique identifier for emails. The software allows integration for voice features like voice calls and voicemail. It also prevents deadlock, for instance, when two agents try to handle a single ticket.

There’s a free trial for Help Scouts, then you have to pay $10 for every month when the trial expires.

On-Demand Software Is the Future

There are plenty of benefits to software on demand. However, the most significant benefit is its cost-effectiveness. Plus, you could always use the free trials and abandon the software later if it doesn’t suit your business needs.

With most businesses adopting cloud-based software, this article will set you on the right path when you jump on the bandwagon.

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