Download Top 10 beautiful flowers live wallpapers apps for Android

Everyone loves flowers. Their exceptional beauty makes gardens beautiful and colorful. They do enhance the look of the house or nowadays even refreshes the mood of every individual when displayed on a mobile screen. The beautiful flowers live wallpapers apps remind the user that these are the great blessings of nature which are colorful and available in different shapes. Flowers are a great reason to bring a spontaneous and sweet smile on everyone’s face. Their fragrance and amazing colors surely add charm in life. Nature-loving people always want to be around flowers due to which they prefer to download live flower wallpapers. So relax and find the top 10 beautiful flowers live wallpapers app for Android.

Neon Flowers

Neon flowers are a great 3D beautiful flower live wallpapers app for Android that features amazing and mesmerizing animation. It offers a colorful display and enables a user to select even the flower background picture. User can select flower color and shape according to their choice.

Download Neon Flowers here

Shining Flowers Live Wallpaper

Illuminate the mobile screen with shining flowers live wallpaper that makes screen shiny and magnificent. The fascinating flowers and an amazing splash of colors with make your screen shiny. The app consists of roses, lilies, daisies, lotus, lavender, tulips, and sunflowers live wallpapers. It is an ideal app that lets the user experience new wallpapers screen for free. It is a popular app that features almost every type of flower.

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Flowers live wallpaper

Now enjoy and watch flowers live wallpaper with the marvelous collection scattered across valleys, sunny fields. The daisies, lavender, roses, sunflowers, lilies, and tulips will give the mobile screen an attractive look. The app proves to be a power saver and does not drain the battery. So enjoy the marvelous flowery world right onto your mobile screen.

To download the app click here.

Glowing flowers live wallpaper

It is the free and popular live wallpapers app that features remarkable glowing flowers on a mobile screen. Select the flowers of your choice from roses, tulips, sunflowers, lilies, daisies and lavender from settings. There are many more types of flower wallpapers options from which you can select and adjust the glowing effect according to your choice.

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Sakura Live wallpaper

Sakura is the cherry blossom flower that makes the wallpaper or the screen of your mobile interactive with 3D effects. The beautiful and live wallpaper app features 5 different themes of Sakura flowers with several background images for the parallax effect. The customization options enable a user to change the display according to their choice.

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Spring flowers live wallpaper

Who does not like springtime and its beautiful colors? The magical sight during the spring season gives an individual a relaxing feeling. The vivid colors and blooming flowers look mesmerizing. Now you can enjoy the beauty of spring throughout the year on your mobile screen. The spring flowers live wallpapers feature marvelous images of tulips, blossoms, sunflowers, roses, lavender, daisies and much more.

Download Spring Flowers live wallpaper by clicking here.

Fantasy flowers live wallpapers

Want to enjoy fantasy flowers live wallpapers? Then the 3D effects and awesome particles will enable you to have fun. Swiping the finger onto the screen will create mesmerizing and extravagant trail effects of various particles. The touch of the user onto the screen or flow of the fingers will create a specific shape. Thus, the app offers beautiful, simple and relaxing live wallpapers.

To download fantasy flowers live wallpapers click here.

Rose Magic Touch flowers

Rose is a beautiful and most admired flower in the world. The Rose Magic Touch flowers live wallpapers app features unique images of roses. The touch of the user changes the flower shape, size, and color by giving a great 3D effect. Even the wallpaper changes according to the timings. For example, the evening times will give an evening effect while during the afternoon you will get a bright light and sunny effect. Thus, the magic of the app will truly amaze you.

Click here to download Rose Magic Touch Flowers.

Pink flowers live wallpaper

Do you love pink color? Then it is the right app for you because it features pink live wallpapers of pretty flowers. The blossoming and cute pink flowers will add a soft look to the screen and makes you feel relax as well as depress free. The motion of lights and flashes will keep on changing with time. It is a battery saving app and does not drain much battery as compared to other apps.

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Wrapping up

Top 10 beautiful flowers live wallpapers apps for Android are small size apps that operate in background and display animated pictures of flowers in the home screen. These apps do offer different customization options. These wallpaper apps are designed for people who always want to change home screen wallpapers to make home screen attractive and feel relaxed by looking at beautiful and colorful flowers.@Android Power Hub