18 Best Free editor`s choice Android Game Apps 2023

Best Free Android Games Apps of 2023

Voila! 2023 is here but the gamers won’t stop exploring the Android game apps for the best pick. It was old times when gaming was enjoyed with a giant screen sitting on a relaxing couch. Nowadays, Android tablets and phones have made easy access to use critically best Android games apps that definitely creates a fun time for everyone.

With best Android phones available in the market, Google play store also offers the great world of gaming which lets you enjoy unlimited play. Yes, you may come across many good Android games apps 2023 but to have unique gaming experience, check out our list of best games.

We understand that Google Play or Android store offers a wide range of Android game apps which varies from vibrant shooting games to mind teasing board games. The racers, fantasy lovers will get to enjoy exceptional experience through stress relieving super convenient easy to access games. Instead of wasting your time lets have a look at the editor’s choice 2023 Android game apps because fun doesn’t need funding, all you need is an Android phone to enjoy greatest games.

The best 18 Without Wifi Android Games App currently available (JAN 2023)

These 18 Top the best Android Games App Without Wifi Currently Available in Google play store may 2023 – Download Free these all games and Enjoy

1 – ROBLOX Game – Free Online Play

free roblox games online

ROBLOX Game is one of the unique and new games that owns capability to let you into a world of sport. The game is comprehensive and is safe for children to play or communicate with other players. ROBLOX focuses on providing creativity and encouraging players to enter into the world of entertainment. It is a perfect combination of puzzle, adventure and FPS game offering general controls and good graphical style. The graphics are simple and loads quickly. Levels and challenges of ROBLOX are balanced. Even thou the game is not very fancy but offers good creative content and designed levels for the player to enjoy. Download to Roblox Game

ROBLOX - Action & Adventure

2 – Roll the Ball-Slide Puzzle Online Game


If you want to enjoy clean graphics and smooth movement, Roll the ball: Slide Puzzle offers vibrant yet simple gameplay. It is one of the simple puzzle game in which a player has to rearrange all the tiles. However, it is not an ordinary puzzle game because it is challenging and definitely addicting. There is a small ball which needs to pass through the pipes by moving tiles in a correct order. Player will feel challenging as progress in game. It also offers different levels so you will enjoy according to your interest. The addicting game is available for free to all the Android users. Download to Roll the Ball-Slide Puzzle

Download Roll the Ball-Slide Puzzle Game3 – Choices Stories You Play Online Game Free

Pixelberry released a mastermind Android game app known as Choices stories. It is a great game which lets storytelling to a new level with best sound effects and amazing visuals. It allows readers to make a control of stories according to their choice. Choices offers four stories which consists of fantasy, crime and romance. It is true all of the stories are captivating along with incredible graphics and sound effects. You will never get bored with these well-developed dialogues and intricate storylines that are filled with plot twists and plentiful action. All of the stories available in Android game app are up to date.

Choices Stories you Play Online Game Free4 – Clash Royale Game Online Play

Want to play great mobile game? Then do add cash Royale in your bucket list because it offers one of the charming addictive package combined with tower defense elements. For more fast progress, you have to make in-app purchases. In this amazing game, player is able to build decks, collect cards and then deal with online opponents to earn trophies. If you will be the wisest clan to play the game, you will get a chance to share cards add also challenge other clans which will further allow you to unlock new challenges. It is indeed one of the interesting compelling story based game.

Download Clash Royale Game app5 – Gardenscapes Game App 2023

Online gardenscapes Game

Do you love playing hidden object match 3 style games? Then Gardenscapes is one of the fun Android game app allowing player to collect money by finding hidden objects in garden. Money is used to upgrade the garden according to the choice of player. Gardenscapes offers smooth graphics and is enough challenging. It is fast and a fun game featuring story mode to restore the botanical gardens to its glory. As the player completes the challenge, stars will be awarded assisting the player to grow garden by building fences, fountains, planting trees and flowers and adding new features. The interface is simple yet intuitive.

Free Download Gardenscapes Game6 – Fruit Ninja Free Game – Android game app

Fruit Ninja Free Game App

Slicing fruit won’t amaze you in real life but it sounds fun when you are slicing fruits with just a swipe of your finger. The Android game app is not so deep neither consists of any story but is amazing in its own way. Fruits will pop up from the bottom of screen and the player has to slice it. Fruits along with bomb will be thrown which you must need to avoid. Game offers different modes with plenty of bonuses and achievements. You can win fruits or stars to unlock new blades. Graphics and sound of the game is satisfying. User interface is simple to understand and follows the martial arts theme.

fruit ninja game download7 – Design Home App Free

Want to design homes or do interior decorations? Then wait no more because Design home Android game app is exceptional and unique in its properties. Place chaises, lamps and design every room of the house. Player has to scroll challenges and have to complete the tasks according to the requirements. Design home is a fun game for professionals as well as amateur designers. The best app allows users to improve wealth of decoration. Now exterior and interior planning is easy with dragging as well dropping. The architectural app lets you make modifications in real time. So, work in 3D or 2D with the amenities of life.

design home app download8 – Block! Hexa Puzzle Game App


It’s the right time to stay organized by placing the blocks into proper place. It is true that solving puzzle is fun so carry out all the pieces as provided by Block! Hexa Puzzle. Main objective of the game is to fill the allotted space with hexagonal pieces available. Player has to fil all hex and if any space is left behind, you will lose the level. The game is mind shattering allowing user to solve thousands of puzzles. Daily challenges and quests will definitely give your mind a great workout. It is the right time to hurt your brain by combining the elements of jigsaw puzzle.

block hexa puzzle game download9 – Dragon City Game Play Online

Dragon City Game Free

Dragon city is an Android game app that will allow the player to create an enchanted city. In this magical city, all of the dragons live pleasantly and comfortably. Dragons are provided with food, proper sleep, and entertainment to keep them healthy and hale. Players act as masters and will train them. Dragons keep on growing and will also attract more dragons. Main objective of dragon city is to combat with other players online. It is a social fun game allowing everyone to enjoy youthful theme. The graphics and sounds are very appealing and provides a polished interface. So, what would be your Dragon city name?

dragon city game free download10 – Angry Birds 2 Game Free – Top Android game apps

angry birds 2 game free

Angry Birds 2 is the one of the famous android game app that is downloaded more than million times. It is the official sequel of Angry Birds that is widely popular. It also has other versions such as Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio which also offers interesting features. Angry Birds 2 offers improved graphics and spectacular sounds. It is so great that it feels you are watching a cartoon. Player can select bird of its own choice to play with but the game has been upgraded to multiphase level. The game can be enjoyed in an offline mode. It is a great game with classic elements.

angry birds 2 game free download11 – Asphalt 8: Airborne Online Game

asphalt 8 airborne online

The number 8 shows that it is the 8th title of Asphalt series. Just like other games, Gameloft`s offers the best sports car game which lets the players to enjoy breakneck speeds and drifts. Asphalt 8 allows you to find vehicle catapulted in air enabling user to perform amazing aerial stunts. This racing game is different from straightforward racing and is designed for an endless player. Players can easily swipe to select the supercars of their own choice with perfect controls. Upgradation will allow player to navigate through obstacles easily or by using tricks. The graphics and regular series definitely makes the game look professional.

asphalt 8 airborne download12 – Hot Wheels: Race off Car

hot wheels race off cars

Hot Wheels: Race off provides racing at its core with addictive gameplay and hours of engaging content. Race off Android game app owns realistic design and have brought Hot Wheels to life. Colors in the game are vibrant and appealing. Player will get chance to play with immense cars and amazing tracks. Overall the game owns 40 levels which further divides into four sections. The detailing of game is nice and very appealing. The goal is not only to complete the finish line but also to keep your car stable to continue racing. It is not as easy as it seems but the configuration of the game is standard and easy.

hot wheels race off download13 – Bubble Witch 3 Saga Game Online

You may find the name of Android game app a little weird but it is pretty interesting game. Yes, game depends on luck and the player has to complete level after level by popping matching bubbles. In the Bubble witch 3 saga, improvements have been made so that the fans can enjoy to fullest. It is consistently a fun game along with colorful graphics and simple matching. Have a more refined experience by playing the game.

bubble witch 3 saga game download14 – Golf Clash Game App

Want to learn the mechanics of Golf? Golf Clash offers quick golfing hit with a fun. It is a perfect choice of game with easy 1 vs 1 player. Indeed, it is not easy to master the golf tricks but you will learn with constant playing. In-app purchases will help to upgrade a lot of features. The Android game app offers straightforward matches with improved power, accuracy and special balls. About More  Golf Clash Game apps

golf clash game download15 – FIFA Football Game Online – Android game apps

fifa football game

A pocket football version of Android game app is everyone’s favorite. It is one of the biggest mobile game that offers unique experience to all the football lovers. Yes, you can realize from the name that it is all about kicking a ball in a field. The controls of game are simple and can be configured according to the players choice. The best and prominent version is attack mode. It is indeed a fun game that requires mastering skill. More FIFA Mobile Soccer

fifa soccer game app download16 – CSR Racing 2 Offline Game App 2023

csr racing 2 play online

Racing games are popular among all of the novice as well as advanced players. They are not only loved by boys but girls prefer to play them as well. However, CSR Racing 2 is one of the games which owns exceptional graphical capabilities. The seamless graphics easily sets on any mobile device or home console that makes the game pretty awesome. Pack details, cars glisten, sounds and amazing environment in the game looks great. You have to accept that gameplay is fast combined with the seamless controls. It is perfect for having a long or even a quick race. So, let’s begin the race.

csr racing 2 game download for android17 – War Robots Game 2023 – Best Android game apps

walking war robots play online

It is a strategy based mobile Android game app that is developed by Pixonic. The combat game owns 16 different types of robots which vary in appearance as well as in stats. It is a game designed merely for advanced players. Winning battles will lead to more credits and experience. Players can use variety of weapons to win battles and advance level.

walking war robots download18 – Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom Game

Amazing Sonic Dash 2 never offered great graphics along with smooth controls. This Android game app is filled with lots of fast action along with new content including exclusive bonuses, exciting new levels and a mysterious zone for toughest battle. The game is merely designed for the dedicated players to restore the memories of old Sonic. The real mobile game is very fast and contains playable characters. User can switch players according to their choice from the settings tab. Game history will be saved in the Google account. So, do not miss the superhero style amazing android game app which lets you play against the challenging stages.

sonic dash 2 sonic boom download

If you can’t find your desired Android game apps, wait for the upcoming list of popular Android games which features amazing graphics, great sound, and best real-time achievements. Stay tuned for more interesting information on Androidpowerhub.com