How to Grow a YouTube Channel: The Basics Explained

Do you let your ideas die on the vine? Don’t be that person. You must have tons of ideas flowing through your head.

Are you a creative person but in need of a new outlet? Being a content creator is one of the most challenging yet rewarding mediums out there.

You subscribe to many YouTubers and often think of doing it yourself. You often wonder how to grow a YouTube channel. You want to start but are afraid you will fall flat on your face.

Before you second guess yourself, read our how-to guide on building a channel. Before you know it you will be well on your way to video stardom.

How to Grow a YouTube Channel

Just Start

It’s easy to second guess yourself and never get anything off the ground. When thinking of how to grow a YouTube channel, the best advice is just to start.

It’s easier to figure out what you need to do when you are in the flo

w of things. Don’t worry about having the best or most expensive equipment when beginning. Grab whatever you have at your disposal and hit record.

Have a Theme

It bodes well for your channel to have a theme. When your viewers come to your page, they are expecting a certain kind of content. When you can specialize your YouTube channel, this makes your content more familiar.

Think about what you’re good at or what you know a lot about. Think about the channels you already subscribe to. Why do you keep coming back for more?

Produce Quality Content

In order to gain a reaction with viewers, you will need to produce quality content. Now,  it may take some time for you to build your skills, but it is well worth it in the end.

When posting to other platforms, it’s always a good idea to add subtitle to videos. This way when people scroll through, they will want to click and hear.

How do you know you are producing quality content? When viewers start showing up you know you’re onto something good.

Go Live

When you go live you can interact with fans in a more engaging way. Since it is in real-time, it creates an interesting dynamic between content creator and viewer.

People love to get a sneak peek into someone’s world. Try to shoot for at least once a week for going live. When you have a consistent schedule, your fans know what to expect.

Offer something unique, have viewers call in and talk to you. This will definitely create some interesting content. The good thing is it will be recorded for others to watch later as well.

Engage With Comments

People love to know that you are around and care. When you interact with your viewers in the YouTube comments, it will brighten their day.

Another form of this is to mention someone’s comments in your videos. You want to have a two-way street when communicating with viewers. People expect transparency these days, so the more you offer the better.

Consistency Is Key

Get on a consistent schedule with your content. When you post more regularly, your viewership will increase. People will come to expect your content on certain days.

When you give people what they want, they will be hungry for more. Don’t burn yourself out, but have certain days where you shoot, edit, and upload. Produce quality content rather than just churning stuff out.

Once you are in the flow, more ideas will come. Go with what works for you and what people are wanting as well.

Use Our How to Grow a YouTube Channel Guide

As you can see, there are many ways on how to grow a YouTube channel. The most important one is to just start and have fun. When you do those things, the rest will follow.

Anything you want to grow in life, you must water and nurture. Experiment with your show and enjoy the process. Fall in love with creating videos and you will see your imagination at work.

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