Upload pictures, videos and story from Gallery on Snapchat

How to Upload Saved Photos or Videos to Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the famous social apps that allows users to stay original by posting their stories and uploading snaps and videos. Yes, in this fast-paced life, you will be concerned about the snaps and stories you post will be taken and saved by people on their smartphones. Snapchat is an exceptional app that offers various editing tools and face effects, but still, the photos remain original and not easy to capture.

However, users are still not satisfied and want more of the snap chat app. Snap chat upload features from the gallery is not permitted, but there is way due to which you can snap upload or videos to the story of Snap-chat. Android Power Hub offers the best solution due to which you can Snap chat upload pictures and stories. Remember using a third party app may block your account for 24 hours or it might be possible you will be completely blocked from using the social app.

snapchat uploading pictures

Upload pictures from Gallery

If you want to snap upload, all you need is to snapchat upload app download from the Google store. Create an account with some easy step-by-step rules. The Snapchat upload android feature of chat 2.0 allows users to send text and lets them Snap upload from the gallery directly. It allows sending voice notes and even short videos as well.

Method 1:

  • To snap upload, you have to go to camera roll or gallery to select the picture. After selecting the image, tap on share icon and then choose Snapchat.
  • After selecting the image, you can make various edits to the pictures by inserting text, and smileys.

snap upload

  • Choose the people whom you want to send the snap.

Uploading Snapchat story

Uploading Snapchat story

Uploading videos to Snapchat story is now accessible as possible. From the app within, you will perform a snap upload, which allows you to upload videos, and photos from the camera roll directly.

Snapchat upload camera roll feature is the only authentic way that you need to utilize for sharing the story. Let us guide you with the method.

Method 2:

  • Launch the Snapchat app story
  • When app launches, you will see two round icons at the screen bottom. One big round is for capturing the snap, while tap on smaller one.
  • You will be taken to the snap section with the option above. Swipe left to get into the camera roll section from here you can directly send videos and photos to the friends or Snap upload it as a chat stories.

Snap upload the pictures

  • Now you will be taken to all the videos and pictures on your mobile phone. Tap on a picture to select, and you will see a tick sign at the corner.
  • Snap upload the pictures as you select the image
  • Now you will be taken to the option to share the content as MY STORY or send them to the desired person. To Snap upload the video; the video needs to be in desired duration of Snapchat time.


Videos and snap upload method on snapchat is easy and straightforward. Android Power Hub has reviewed many third party apps that will help you to upload stories directly. You will definitely come across, snapchat upload app download like Casper, Snap Upload Pro, Snappy Upload, Snapload, and much more apps that let you snapchat upload camera roll app directly. However, due to the strict rules and policies of Snapchat, you may get blocked from using third party apps. And in last also check this Best video editor apps

So, if you encounter any problem while uploading the content then leave your comments below. Be sociable and share the content.