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Top 5 Best free Games without WiFi for android

Do you really want to kill your boredom by challenging yourself with one of the good and Free Games without WiFi? Then yes, it is important to have a good game on the smartphone so that you can play them anywhere you need. It is always fun to play games otherwise the in-app purchases proves to be fun spoilers because it limits the access to next level or does not let you progress until a specified time. Every game player demands that the developers must come up with free games without WiFi for Android, so they can develop deep interest and play with their heart.

Now you simply do not need to worry and Play free Games without WiFi. The best free games without WiFi save you from in-app purchases, wastage of data bundles or money. Android Power Hub has gathered one of the great games that can be enjoyed for an endless time. Just play your favorite game in offline mode with free games without a WiFi connection.

1 – Subway Surfers – Free Games Without WiFi

subwaysurf Game app

Subway Surfers is one of the free Games without WiFi. It lets you have endless fun because the endless running game is available on Android free. The HD optimized graphics and amazing sound quality urge you to play the game repeatedly. The character in the game runs along railway tracks, and you will have to collect tons of coins, and power ups by avoiding obstacles or various collisions. If any item somehow hits you, the guard will catch the character, and your game will end. The game owns a variety of things that will improve the score. Do not forget to complete missions that will help you in getting rewards and earning coins.

download Subway Surfers Game app

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2 – Hungry Shark Evolution – Offline Free Games Without WiFi

hungry shark evolution App

If you want to enjoy best free games to play without WiFi, then Hungry Shark Evolution is a great adventurous aquatic game that is packed with full action. The aim of the game is to take control of Hungry Shark, which is trying to survive by eating everything that comes in its way. Every level in the game demands to collect 14 different sharks including Megalodon, Great White, and Hammerhead. The tilt controls, intuitive touch, and various missions are completed with amazing 3D graphics. Now is the right time to equip the sharks with particular item and gadgets. Do not forget to collect bonuses.

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3 – Fruit Ninja – Free Games Without WiFi

New Fruit Ninja Game app

One of the No WiFi games 2020 is an arcade game that has gained popularity in less time. The simple game is a great appeal for children as well as adults. The game is simple and allows you to cut various fruits including apples, kiwi, peaches, oranges, coconuts, pineapples, bananas, watermelons and strawberries with a sword. The game is safe for the kids to enjoy. Do not cut the bombs with fruits otherwise; you will lose the game. The convenient game owns high graphics and even the chopped slices look real, with the sounds of pulp and juice pouring. Enjoy Free Games without WiFi.

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4 – Cut the Rope – Free Games Without WiFi

Cut the Rope FULL FREE with out wifi

Cut the rope is also the free games without WiFi, which helps to develop logic to solve the puzzle. You can enjoy the game without any reliable internet connection. The idea of the game is to cut the ropes and feed the cute little creature named as Om Nom who eat candies. Om Nom character love to eat sweets, and you are the only one who can feed him with candies by cutting the optimal ropes. Do not forget to collect all the stars and exceed for new levels. Get excited to play free games without WiFi.

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5 – Traffic Rider – Free Games Without WiFi

Download Traffic Rider Game without wifi

It is the one-person free games without WiFi, which let you drive a motorbike at full speed even on a busy road. The track will be straight, but you need to overcome obstacles and hurdles. So do not worry about sharp bends. There are more than 20 motorcycles, which you can choose for your ride. The first bike you will get will let you enjoy the simple ride because the motorcycle is not so powerful. With every level, you will unlock powerful bikes. Ride the bike whenever you want on a dozen of tracks, and in several modes. You will enjoy the game with great graphics and bet sounds.

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There you have all of the free games without WiFi, which is tried and reviewed by Android Power Hub. So No WiFi? No Problem because all of the games mentioned above are best offline games for android that does not need a data connection.