Why is everyone confused about Google Birthday? Get to know reality now

When is Google Birthday

About Google Birthday?

Google is 18 years old, which makes it official to vote and or even, drink. Haha, that is funny. Google marked its 18th birthday with an animated doodle. Yes, you are getting it right that Google birthday has shifted with time, but currently, it is celebrated on 27th September. The last animated doodle was designed exceptionally by Gerben Steenks which is depicts G as the modeler who is wearing party accessories and is all set for a birthday surrounded by confetti. The G blows a balloon, then twists it into OOGLE alphabets, and floats with other letters.

So are you confused when exactly is Google birthday? Let Android Power Hub reveals the story.

When is Google Birthday?

The confusion of people is right because Google celebrated its birthday on different dates but from last 1- years it is celebrated on 27th September. In 2020, the birthday doodle appeared on 26th September, in 2004 it appeared on 7th September while in 2003 the birthday was celebrated on 8th September.

Google history

Google History is different because the company was registered on 15th September 1977 as a domain and then filed for incorporation on 4th September 1998. The main reason that why 27th September is chosen for Google Birthday is unclear, but according to disputes it was because of a rival with Yahoo in 2005.

The Google company came into being on 1988 September 4, and the idea was proposed in garage for the research project and must be presented at Stanford University to rank various pages at World Wide Web by linking various sites. However, the company did not choose the founded date for the birthday celebration.

Take an example it might be possible that Yahoo in 2005 announced index that is larger and results in a debate between the companies.

Google made an excuse while celebrating the birthday on 26th September and announced a large expanded index which makes Google more powerful and a giant search engine.

Say Google birthday

So why 27th September? (Google Birthday)

While many people suggested that Google settled on 27th September because it was the date when first birthday doodle of Google appeared in 2002. However, Google is not concerned about his birthday neither makes an apology for this fake birthday representation. However, since 2002, company is celebrating its birthday with a great doodle on 27th September every year.

Importance of Google doodle

If you visit Google daily, you have noticed that Google presents doodle different every day while most of the time the illustrations gets diverse to celebrate the birthday of celebrity, any historical figure or to give tribute to legends. The doodle helps to keep the spirit alive and remind of the legacy by offering a friendly way to leave an impact on our lives.

The doodle tradition continues since 2002 every year when Bring and Page asked Dennis Hwang the webmaster to create a unique mark for the birthday of Google. He was the only intern they had at that time who made a resounding hit by setting up a doodle. Until now, Google is successful in creating 2000 amazing doodles.

Google importance

The importance of Ok Google cannot be denied because giant search engine has revolutionized the lives at some point by giving answers to simple questions. The invaluable tool lets you navigate the information from world with just a few clicks.

No matter when the birthday is celebrated Brin and Page are ranked 12th and 13th number among the richest people in world having a net worth of $35.2 billion.

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