Customize your smartphone with best Android apps for an exclusive look

5 best apps for phone customization

The best apps to customize your Android for a truly unique look

If you own an Android phone, luckily you have a lot of option to use best apps for phone customization. Various customization options provide flexibility to the user to avail the coolest things you have in your phone. Modifying the smartphone with appropriate Android apps surely bring uniqueness in the set by making it efficient for use.

Android owns the ability to adapt all types of settings, which is appreciated by its users. Yes, Android phones own the capability to survive the exceptional settings, and it is effortless to change the look and functionality of an Android system. Android Power Hub

has provided the best launcher apps, and the phone locking apps that are packed with unique features, icons fonts, and pictures but the following are the best apps for phone customization that will truly change the look of your phone to have a refreshing restart.

Desktop visualizer – (best apps for phone customization)

The amazing and one of the best Android apps lets you customize the phone completely by creating widgets and icons for your home screen. You can make use of your favorite images and photos, which helps to create endless possibilities. It allows the user to make a personal preference to improve the functionality of the device.

Nova Launcher – ( best app for phone customization)

Launchers are the best apps for phone customization; however, Android Power Hub has reviewed Nova launcher. A full feature packed app that provides advanced customization options manages the device optimally. The amazing android app lets you change the complete look of the Android phone by using animations, gesture controls, app icons and home screen.


Android Power Hub has already published an article on the best wallpaper apps for android, but Tapdeck is great to find new wallpapers. The best apps for phone customization owns an extensive directory of wallpapers and Tapdeck is one of them that keeps on updating with time. The app consumes less time and allows you to use live wallpaper by double tapping on the screen. The high-resolution images are compressed so that they consume less storage space by keeping the phone fast and appealing. Try out one of the best apps for phone customization.


Installing Zedge app is the fantastic option. It is among the best apps for phone customization that lets you use ringtones, new wallpapers, icons, and various notification sounds. Zedge calibrates perfectly with Android devices because it offers easy customization settings and owns one of the best resources for Android smartphones.

Solo locker

When someone thinks of customization, the first thing that clicks the mind is locking the phone optimally. Solo Locker is rated one of the best apps for phone customization. It offers amazing possibilities to the user and lets you add various photos to the lock screen. You can lock your phone by using different patterns, or you can say it is a DIY locker. You can make patterns that will cater your need because one of the highest rated and best apps for phone customization is a great thing to try.

Swipe status bar

Yes, how can we forget the swipe bar while customization? Swipe Status Bar is one of the productive app that will surely be useful for you. If you have not updated your phone occasionally, then try out this utility app that is the best apps for phone customization and lets you have fast access to the notification panel. Remember the great app will not quit the app or video you have not closed. However, it is worth downloading.

Signing off

The best apps for phone customization are mentioned above. They all are great and provide best options for locking the screen to home screen, the by board, widgets or lets you change almost anything on your phone. So if you think that we have missed any of the best apps for phone customization then leave your comments below, we will surely update the article.